Date: 22nd January 2010 at 2:08pm
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I would imagine that I am not alone in having a mind swimming with thoughts, all over the place not knowing what to think, say or do.

Yep, and to our SCUMMER friend Horsea Islander who has started ‘joining us’ recently, I AM about to publically ‘cry’ and bare my soul – if that makes me, or us an embarrassment or brings shame, so be it this is OUR club dying, not yours, if you are ‘happy’ about this then so be it, again that is your choice but this IS a Pompey fans site when all is said and done so you WOULD expect Pompey talk, devastation and upset over what is going on with the club that we love – much like you love your club!

The club does seem to be, lets be honest, dying on its arse – thinks look as bleak as they can be, yep they could always ‘get worse’ but that worse case scenario feeling really is starting to look closer and closer all the time! A reality of life without Portsmouth Football Club, as we know it – not an AFC Pompey or anything – is something that has started to trouble and worry me more and more and more recently, and is looking a distinct possibility…

I keep trying not to look back at ‘who is to blame,’ as that is done it CANNOT be changed, although with each new bit of damning news that comes out about deals that we done, monies that we paid players and ‘bonus’ and ‘sell on’ amounts that we included into contract the more patience and respect, which I think people that know me well will tell you I have not really had much of for the guy anyway, the more I think that Peter Storrie MUST do the honourable thing now and step aside – the guy helped, granted we cannot say we did not enjoy it, breed and grow the monster that got us in such a deep s**t hole it is unreal, if he has any dignity left he would step aside and, if nothing else, save his £2m per year, oops it is ‘only’ £1m, salary. Boy am I glad that I never brought myself to sing ‘there’s only one Peter Storrie,’ my thoughts to that were ‘thank f**k for that!’ As one is bad enough!

But anyway, as I say looking back is not going to help things is it, it just makes me more angry, we MUST look forward but looking forward does not really seem to bring much comfort does it? The guys here now (who – sorry to go back to Storrie again – when all is said and done Storrie ALSO brought into the club, not 1 but 2 skint Arabs!) can blame past owners ALL they like but it is they that MUST ‘sort it out’ and it does not look like they can does it?

Hopes were raised with thoughts Mark Jacob and Ahmed Al Faraj came out with, although it seems that they only – like the likes of Storrie before them – have only said ‘what we want to hear’ as actions have not followed up these actions have they and they just look stupid, which makes PFC look stupid, a laughing stock and ultimately hurts us.

It seems that these guys do not ‘have a pot to p**s in’ now is the time to stop playing us for fools and admit this – I would much rather they openly come out and said ‘look guys we are limping along, we are struggling to stabilise things and just about EVERYTHING must go, but we NEED your help, we NEED you to be coming through the gates to generate as much money as we can.’

As it is, going back to this silence is doing no one any favours, people are thinking ‘why should I put my hard earned money into the back pockets of someone else’ as that is how a lot of people are thinking, ‘IF’ they knew that this money was not lining someone’s pockets but WAS being used to scrape together whatever money we can to pay whatever we can then surely more would turn up.

We DO have the fan base to fill a 20,000 – and more – stadium, but people NEED to know that their hard earned £30-£40 for the match ticket IS going back into the club to help us survive, it is not going into someone’s pocket.

Like I say if they tell us this is the case, and flog whatever they can AS LONG as we still have a club that is ALL I care about. Of course I do not want to be relegated, I fear the damage this could do for us, but want a club more! Clear the decks, throw in the kids, throw in ‘the crap that is not good enough’ just get 11 guys out there that will pull on the Pompey shirt with pride and give us the pride to fight on.

We DO NOT want to throw in the towel, but people need to have a reason not to do this – in an ideal world a knight in shining armour would come along and rescue us but there do not seem to be too many mugs, sorry knights, willing to do this and until there is a greater level of transparency then even those that love the club will struggle to play their part in saving the club.

STOP making these comments about things that do not seem possible, STOP raising hopes and STOP taking us for mugs, this club have been doing this for TOO LONG – now, more than anytime, and this time is the worst time of all the ‘bad times’ we have had, is the time that the fans are needed more than anything so give us something to fight for, PROVE that you are not sitting in Fratton Towers just getting whatever you can for as long as you can.

I am NOT looking for meetings with the fans, I just want you to start telling us the score, tell us were screwed, tell us it is desperate and we are virtually operating on a day to day basis, but above all else TELL US that you need us, tell us that filling Fratton will do its part to help, people are worried to part with money in these tight financial times because they do not know where it is going, assure it is being used for good. We need Fratton full, but people are worried to do this, without this masses of revenue are lost, it does seem a no win situation but ultimately the biggest losers are US, the fans.

We cannot stand by and let this club with more than 100-year history die, and those running us – who I DO NOT believe have wanted this, or still do – cannot let this happen, this is our life, I know it is my life, I cannot bear the thought of life without it so now is the time for everyone to pull together and work together but we MUST know that EVERYONE, from top to bottom, is pulling in the same direction to get the outcome that DOES NOT mean the most important ones, again us the fans, are the biggest losers…

If this is not something that those ‘running us’ can do, they know what to do!

Oh, and this is not a drunken rant – I love a beer, but not at 2 in the afternoon, unless it is a match day, something that I am seriously starting to worry might not be many left!


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