Date: 22nd January 2010 at 12:41pm
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Midge issues a pleas for someone to come and save us!

Tony Fernandes pulled out of the race on Monday night to buy West Ham, while finance firm Intermarket and Italian Massimo Cellino, were piped to the post by Sullivan and Gold.

These Parties appear to be genuine investors and want a Premiership Club.

Pompey has one of the most passionate fan bases yet is in dire straits to secure life after Gaydamak, so If either or both, still want a Football Club, then please come in and rescue Pompey from the creek we are currently paddling up? Down? At the moment!

Thank You PuP

Written by Midge .

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19 Replies to “For Sale – Come and Buy Us Fernandes or Cellino”

  • west ham in more debt than us but are more attractive proposition, that says it all, turn out the lights

  • Apart from the debt mire there’s an even larger amount required to be spent on a new stadium, training ground etc.

  • Nick Leeson and Osama ********** would pass the FAPPT!!
    Even G W Bush I would imagine….
    But yes, we’re a cheaper purchase, but the stadium investment is required to start raking in the cash – permission and plans already there, as well as all commercial stuff to back it up – with a decent initial outlay there’s still money to be made….and our debts are a pinch to clear compared to the majority of Prem clubs.
    Come along you failed Hammers bidders, we will welcome you with open arms!!

  • not a chance..Tony whatsit is a WHU fan and G&S made an open invitation to him to invest with them, as they look to guild a “consortium of wealthy WHU fans”…We o0n the other hand dont even have a famous fan let alone a mega rich fan…
    I honestly do not know what will happen, the passimist see’e us going into liquidation, but thats because all, well most, of my 47 years of life we have been crap…lets be honest…The Redknapp years excepted. So every one says a big(ish) club will go soon, so probably us. BUT…theres is also a bit of something that feels it will be ok…either that or I am a battery in a
    atrix coma fed misery, as it provides more power…..otherwise i would be a Chelseapool UNitedhtspurs fan like most people around the country.

  • I was thinking about this late last night, there’s two main issues here which are (obviously) related. The debts and cash flow – cash flow is most pressing but lets park it for a moment. To take this club on someone would need to invest somewhere in the region of £100m I reckon to get us back on an even keel, that’s about 60m to clear the (alleged) debts and about 40m to pump into the new stadium. The wage bill should be low enough now that once we get past the end of the season and start getting the parachute payments we’ll be in a position to keep our heads above the water. Next year consolidate in the championship, then push for re-promotion the year after using the second tranch of parachute payments to boost the squad. This would likely mean no need to provide further investment in the team and by the third year we should have the new stadium good to go potentially proving enough income to actually support a well run smaller premier league club. So all we need is someone willing to invest £100m with payback probably over a 10-15 year period with the ability to sell on an established premier league club for about £60m at the end of that time. Anyone?

  • Head screwed on plan – survive till season end using PL TV rights money and parachute payments to clear creditors. HOld on to younger players, shift good players for cash and invest in some proven Champs players. Someone willing to invest in improving current ground and run the club for small profit – or indeed supporters trust – and see how long we can maintain crowds of 16000 to 20000 in the championship.

    Odd cup run etc – hard core 10-12k crowd love the club forever… odd promotion through playoffs… sensible strengthening and loving being tonked for a season in the PL before decent back to own level. Try and stay above Saints at all costs.

  • Ok…for one week only, we should pool a £5 off each willing vital member, place half of it on certain winner (an absolute favorite like man utd home win, or Arsenal home win etc) and keep doing so until we have the £100ml..or through the lot in the Euro lottery

  • You all give me the £5’s to send me on a round the world trip like storrie, to try and find investors 🙂 Having said that i would make a better job of finding one i think, even if he/she was a drug and gun barron from Mexico lol, i as sure as hell would find one, and not enjoy the sun sea and nightlife… honest!

  • The point people are missing is that as a championship club we wouldnt be as attractive as opposed to us being a prem club,thats where the glory and money is (apparently).

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