Date: 18th December 2007 at 4:56pm
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It was a bitterly cold December day in the PO4 region of Antarctica when our brave explorers arrived to set up their Vital base camp at the bottom of the Frogmore glacier.

They arrived by various means of transport but most came on foot or vehicular automobile.

Captain Robert Falcon Scott played by the wise old owl arrived with his trusty sidekick Captain L E G (Titus) Oates played by a recently defrocked vicar now dressed more like a penguin.

On arrival they discovered that an advance party led by a striped shirted gentleman carrying a storage container had already been confronted by strangely equipped representatives of what was later found to the Broken Biscuit Company. One was carrying a weird glass fronted box, which he kept sticking in the face of passers by; another was carrying a long pole with what appeared to be a dead dog on the end.

These extraordinary gentlemen with their two aides (one dressed in a peculiar pin striped coat with a scarf outside! And the other with bizarre headgear covering his ears) appeared to be executing a weird inquisition ritual on the chap with the storage container. Titus commented that all he had to defend himself with was a barrage of clichΓ©s. The group then turned their attentions on Scott and Oates giving the previous two a chance to escape but only after promising to answer more questions after their adventure was over.

Scott and Oates, bereft of their beloved alcohol, gave as good as they got during their examination refusing to budge from the line that the expedition would be a success and that previous failures should not be taken as a guide. They claimed there was a new approach and that would guarantee success. They also were made to promise to undergo a further examination on their return.

Scott left with his woman and headed quickly in a northerly direction to a far off place where the almost extinct Optimus Primus could be found. This fierce but lovable creature had recently had life saving surgery and was undergoing recuperation in a place known as the Club Shop. After paying their respects they left in a hurry to climb the steps for the start of the adventure. In this part of the world the competition begins when a practically blind man blows a whistle – a strange ritual but very true!!

Unfortunately the race with the men in white did not go well and it was over when the Bulgarian ‘Berbatov the whiner’ reached the summit by climbing the eastern wall to the acclaim of his group of weird chanting natives. Our heroes were left to retrace their steps to meet their inquisitors. On the way Oates by now completely overcome by frostbite and the sense of failure turned to his trusted leader Scott and quoted the now immortal line ‘I am just going home, I may be some time’. With that he headed west to a place called Old Sarum which is believed to be somewhere near Vladivostock. He has not yet seen since but searches have been underway since his disappearance, mostly taking place after midnight with the search parties carrying wooden stakes.

The re-examination began and again the striped shirted man was first but he seemed to escape lightly this time with talks of holidays and some strange pagan festival called Christmas. That left Scott to face the music now without the departed Oates. Those from the BBC refused to accept that Oates could have left before his final interrogation and proceeded to question the expedition leader on four occasions in four different locations in an attempt to break him.

But Scott refused to budge from his line and tried to confuse them with greatly detailed statistics and talk of improbable correlations. He steadfastly stuck to the line that although Oates would have blamed the ponies that had been bought in the previous summer he believed that they had been deployed in the wrong formation and need more at the front to pull the team through.

He further felt that the HR unit would use the upcoming weather window to replace those returning to African climes with reinforcements that would keep alive hopes of finishing in the top four. The BBC could see that Scott was now failing too as the frost covered his hair and beard – giving him almost a grey appearance – and decided to end the questioning there.

The BBC left in search of free alcohol leaving Scott the long walk with his woman to the East in search of refuge from the freezing conditions.

Written by eastneydave.

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  • Sorry Matt, you can blame Chixy for that. It was just after reading his earlier article I felt i had to put a more accurate angle on things. His cast my recollections of the freezing temperatures. Have you been recognised by many people you hardly know? I have.

  • seriously dave, people are recognising you? you are now a star you and your lady wife will be the posh and becks of vital football πŸ™‚ just make sure you keep handing out the vital pompey card with web address details!

  • Brilliant… absolutely brilliant really enjoyed reading it, so much so that I’ve just read it to the wife..(Had to explain who Scott of the Antartic was to begin with ??) Seriously mate your recollection is spot on and although the search parties are out looking for me I’m tucked up warm in Salisbury and plan never to venture to the Antartic again… when until Boxing day at least – Top read and top marks ….even the wife enjoyed it πŸ˜‰

  • If the striped shirt reflects that I sadly now live in scum, by marriage, not choice, ok. To be fair i don’t want to be recognised out here, though my PFC car plate dosen’t help. I’ve had a few of the family call to say they had seen me. To fair iIdidn’t think to tell everybody I might be on. No calls from Hollywood yet but then with my all year round Maltese tan, I’d probably get a call from Bollywood!!!!

  • Matt – I share your views because of course I work in Eastleigh not too far from you. I thought the striped shirt Chix referred to was Red and Black. Living in the New Forest surely they support Bournemouth in your area :-).

  • Hello all, thought it was about time I logged into my registered-but-never-used vital account. As rivals is soooooooo pants now, I might just inflict all my inane ramblings on you guys instead! Cheers! (p.s. I’m Dave, the fat bloke standing next to Storage in the infamous ‘MOTD2 tapes’).

  • hello mate glad that you have decided – hopefully – to join us now? you all did a fantastic job on motd2 and you seemed to have plenty to say so hopefully you will say it on here from now on…

  • Hiya Dave so you’ve come over to the ‘real’ Pompey site eh .. nice work and good to have you.. I’m sure you’ll find a warm welcome wherever you fgo … well warmer than it was on Saturday anyway.. my feet still haven’t thawed out..

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