Date: 9th May 2008 at 11:49am
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The league season draws to a close this weekend with our final league fixture against Fulham on Sunday. For many of us this will represent the last chance that we have of meeting up this season – yep I know we have the cup final but that might prove too difficult to arrange a meeting… although having said that we do not have a 12.15 kick off this time.

The Milton Arms has proved a popular meeting spot for many of us this season, with meetings between Vital Pompey members happening fairly regularly throughout the course of this season – and what great meetings they have been, with the numbers increasing in quantity most of the time. Usually – well for me anyway – these meetings were better than the games that followed!

As I am travelling up to stay in Cosham on Saturday morning, and I will then be in town until the day after cup final day, I do not even have to worry about travelling all the way from Devon on the day and any possible ‘train delays’, so I will be there and probably any time from say 12.30 onwards…

So the question is, who is up for a meeting at the Milton Arms on Sunday then, do not forget that many of you ‘should’ be able to collect your T-shirts too!

Those that cannot make it, remember the shirts will be posted to you, Chix has informed me that this will probably cost around £1.50 to post, so can you get in touch with him – or me – ASAP to arrange the payment and shirts will be dispatched.

Any newbies that require mobile contact details to make this meet easier drop me and email and I will pass it on.

So, lets have a show of hands guys who is going to be in attendance at the Milton Arms and Sunday, and who is also collecting their T-shirt, which at this point have dropped down to £5.50 each…


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