Date: 11th April 2007 at 9:50am
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It has been revealed in the Times today that Pompey`s Kanu is not happy with the contract being offered at Portsmouth. He has allegedly said “You can`t expect me to work four hours every day on a one-year contract, it will take me five months to buy a house and then the season would be over and I would have to move again. Portsmouth are ambitious and moving forward and I would be happy to stay if they show their commitment?Portsmouth are a good team and if they commit themselves I will stay, if not, I will move on ? that`s football,” he said. “I have done my best.”

Pompey feel they have tendered a generous offer but Kanu is reputed to have rejected it as “a joke” and has said he will leave if a better offer is not given to him. But this is coming from a player who has just slapped the faces of every Pompey supporter, if his words are indeed true. How on earth can anyone feel that they have a right to make such demands when many of the supporters who pay good, hard earned money each week have to work over 40 hours per week and in many cases travel hundreds of miles for their jobs? All this indicates is that Kanu has become too big for his boots and quite frankly should be shown the door purely for his lack of respect towards the supporters.I am sure thousands – even millions – of people would love to work for just four hours a day on a one year contract and be able to buy a house in just five months, especially if all the work consisted of was just 12 goals in eight months of football. How many has he scored in 2007? Just two league goals, hardly the sort of record that is worth a two year contract or longer. For the majority of us, promotion or reward is generally given for what we have achieved and not what is hoped we will achieve, Kanu really should think about giving the club something to work with. Todorov was offered a one year deal a week ago, but do we see him throwing his bricks out of the pram? Or do we see a model professional who applies himself to the cause with dignity and enthusiasm?

f Kanu feels he is worth more then there really is only one option open to him – go elsewhere. He may have been something at Arsenal but he was nothing at West Brom before he came here, he had a lucky few months before Christmas but has really contributed little to warrant an improved offer in recent months. The club owes him nothing, he in turn owes Harry Redknapp a great deal for helping him to get his career back on track and should not be so quick to bite the hand that feeds him.

When you leave Fratton Park Kanu, please do not slam the door.

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