Date: 1st October 2009 at 10:49am
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Things can never be easy with Pompey can they?

We have a hell of a lot of dirt slung at us, some totally unfair but all in all we continue to allow things to happen that do us no favours – it is almost as if we are trying to shoot ourselves in the foot sometimes!

This season is proving hard enough as it is, both on and off the pitch for everyone at the club and mentally and physically draining for us, the fans, off it yet it just seems like we just keep adding one thing after another – and all this does is make the job, difficult as it already is, on the pitch all the more difficult…

Last weekend ahead of a very important game with Everton we had the whole saga with SAF. Where he ‘called off’ the meeting as he did not want to ‘disrupt the players preparations’, by doing this it would have only made things worse, only to put in on again! Thankfully he saw the light and decided to go ahead with this, and this proved worthwhile as it raised the fans spirits, which showed at Fratton last weekend – this saw another positive reaction from the players, even if we did lose again.

Then we come to this week, hopes are raised that we would bring Gary Mac on board, only to be dashed again. For whatever reason we ‘could not agree a deal’ – this was not due to money or his role at the club, a deal just ‘could not be agreed’. My ‘guess’, and I must stress guess, would be something to do with a possible compensation pay-off ‘should’ the management change?

Other than that this weeks preparations for the potential ‘season defining’ game with Wolves this weekend were going ok, the build-up has been positive again and we see the full allocation of tickets sell out – we are all in high spirits then wham, news comes through today that ‘the players have not been paid’…

Clearly the media would be over doing this with their ‘reporting’ of it, but this is not going to help morale is it!

The players would not be missing this money, as they are all loaded anyway, but the fact this has not gone through, for whatever reason, will not sit well with some – minds would have been taken off the preparations for Wolves and potentially all the good work, the good vibes – mentally and physically – could be undone is one swoop.

Nice one…

‘Word on the street’ has it that a ‘change of bank admin’ is what caused this issue, so it is not that we could not pay the players – again players that will not miss the money anyway! – it was just a genuine error that is easily corrected, but had the players been made aware that there could be an issue things would have ran a lot smoother.

Either way, genuine error or not, why do we do this – why can we not just do things the easy way?

I am having the distinct feeling of déjà vu now!

I went into the Everton game in high spirits and in a very positive frame of mind that week, then the ‘meeting being called off’ set me back. Again – and in light of last weeks performance as well – I have gone into the game with Wolves full of confidence, then this.

Like I say it is almost as if we want to aid our own downfall at times! Come on guys, lets sort it out eh…


Pompey have now issued a statement on the ‘non-payment of players issue’ via sky sports, which reads: ‘Portsmouth FC can confirm that the first-team squad and executive board was not paid yesterday (Wednesday).

‘The club is currently being refinanced by the owner Sulaiman al Fahim following the recent completion of his takeover.

‘There was a delay in the transfer of funds but the lawyers have received confirmation that this will happen today which will enable the players to be paid within the next 24 to 48 hours.

‘The players have all been informed of the situation.

‘The executive board will continue to help the new owner in his efforts to refinance which has come about as a direct consequence of the banks’ requirements to retain all television receipts and profits generated during the transfer windows.’


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