Date: 8th November 2007 at 12:47pm
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If one thing is certain in football, it’s that your favourite player will at some stage get transferred to another club!

It generally happens at the point at which you think your team can no longer perform without them or you have just shelled out some hard earned dosh to have ‘Todorov’ or ‘Berger’ or ‘Marinello’ printed on the back of the clubs latest fashion accessory known ‘in the trade’ as a ‘Jersey’ of course.

It’s also a fact that whenever an ‘established’ player leaves your club, you sense that their best days are now behind them and they will never quite be the same again or achieve what they could have, had they continued to play in your clubs colours.

‘Established’ players are one thing but ‘true idols’ gain yet greater status. Even when your team are playing against their new club you somehow feel responsible for them and still, even though they have changed allegiances secretly want them to do well – If I had a pound for every time I’ve heard “I ‘ope he gets an ‘at trick, but we win 4-3” I’d have retired with my blonde 20Something mistress to Sunny Southsea long before now…

Odder still is the fact that a player never really leaves a club or the hearts of it’s supporters.

They may no longer ply their trade on your home pitch, they may have moved ‘up norff’ to play for Carlisle or Sunderland or some other Scottish team but long after they have gone you, like thousand of other football fans up and down the land will one day find yourself watching Wrexham entertain Newport at the Racecourse Ground, and willing the Dragons on to win, just because their right-back played in Pompey’s Reserves for three seasons.

Supporter loyalty towards footballers runs deep, too deep at times, unhealthily deep at others but in what I hope will be a series of regular features aligned to Pompey’s forthcoming opponents I offer the words “He Played For Them Too You Know!”

Just prior to each Pompey game I will look at our opponents and pick just one player from the past who transferred between the two clubs. Players who for whatever reason, deserted us for them or saw the light and headed south to the hallowed turf of PO4 I won’t always focus on the most ‘popular’ player to have graced both teams, I might for example focus on a player who made his name, or lost their reputation in the move.. I’ll just select one and try to bring them back into our hearts. If I spark a few memories in the process as well I’ll be more than chuffed.

So, where do we start?

Manchester City on Sunday … then Birmingham at home on 24th November followed by Everton Villa and Tottenham.

The article about the player chosen for the Man City game is due to be published before the weekend. I’ve already drafted the selection for Birmingham and I’m knee deep in research for the Pompey/Everton hero.. After that the floor is open to your suggestions.

Who do you know that transferred between Villa Park and Pompey or vice versa? Maybe there’s a player you can think of that moved to or from Spurs Liverpool or Arsenal … Let me have your thoughts below and I’ll see what I can come up with – No promises mind, there are some players who ‘Challenge Dave’ has already written about and others I have earmarked for the ‘A to Z’ but submit your thoughts below .. all will be considered…

Written by Chix.

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  • cracking idea Chix, one that i reckon could catch on and will hopefully see plenty of people not only sharing their thoughts in comments but also writing an article or two for me ot publish on a players(s) of their choice… ive seen the one that Chix has lined up for the city game this week and its a cracker, i also have a player in mind that i might do – but will no doubt have plenty to think of when we play people!

  • also this seems like a good time to remind people about the ‘previous enconters’ idea – when an opponent is face, if it sturs up memories – good or bad – write something down and send to me – eastneydave is preparing something for city this week, but again i also have something planed – maybe…

  • A blast from the past; George Graham, midfield star of the 71 Arsenal double-winning side, played for Pompey 74-76.

    He signed for Aston Villa in 1961, having just turned 17 over three seasons he made only eight appearances ? though one of them was the club’s 1963 League Cup final loss to Birmingham City.

    Chelsea signed him in July 1964 for £5000. Graham scored 35 goals in 72 league games for the club and won a League Cup medal but he, along with several other Chelsea players, increasingly clashed with their volatile manager Tommy Docherty. This culminated in Graham and seven others being sent home and disciplined by Docherty for breaking a pre-match curfew in 1965; he was sold to Bertie Mee’s Arsenal for £75,000 plus Tommy Baldwin a year later. Graham started out as centre forward for the club, but later moved to inside forward, behind the main striker. Graham was an integral part of Arsenal’s Double-winning side of 1971 (and had a claim to scoring Arsenal’s first goal in the FA Cup final against Liverpool – it was, in fact scored by Eddie Kelly), but the arrival of Alan Ball displaced him out of the side; he moved for £120,000 to Manchester United in December 1972.

    He spent two years at United, and was the club captain when they were relegated to Division Two. He saw out his career at Portsmouth and Crystal Palace. He played the summer of 1978 in America playing for the California Surf.

    He won 12 caps for Scotland.

  • Another Arsenal to Pompey: Peter Marinello
    Joined Arsenal from Hibernian in January 1970 for £100,000 (today, that fee is worth £12.2m).

    The Edinburgh-born winger with the face of a Bay City Roller was hailed at the time as the Scottish George Best. Now he is remembered as more of a Scottish Perry Groves. Marinello fulfilled the role of football’s golden boy with relish (he modelled for Freeman’s, appeared on Top of the Pops with Pan’s People, and starred in a poster campaign advertising milk) but flopped on the pitch. He made just one full appearance during the Double season of 1970-71 and scored only three goals in almost four seasons at Highbury. ‘I squandered my talent,’ he admitted years later.

    Sold for £100,000 to Portsmouth in 1973, after 32 appearances for Arsenal. Stayed atPompey until 1975, scoring 7 goals in 95 appearances. He later played for Motherwell, Fulham, Phoenix Inferno, Hearts and Partick Thistle.

  • hmm, lets see…cant think of any playors that moved from man city to pompey…definatly not in the last year.

  • well written, i agree, loyalty runs really deep, i remember coming home from school and my dad telling me D’alessandro left, i was gutted, I honestly was shell shocked, and that was a player who we had for half a year, on loan! But that is what makes football great, the players, and fans favourite players, its a toss up between glen and sulley at the moment! ohh, one signing which nearly killed me with sadness; viafara to scum! he was a great player ; )

  • in all seriousness i didnt think that viafara was that bad tbh and would have liked him to have stayed and maybe given a chance…

  • Great shout chix….I as a kid was sad to see Ray Hiron go to reading and when he played at fratton i can recall him going off early.but being fron near Basingstoke i did see him fro th “Biscuit men”
    Steve foster,Darren Anderton,Beresford and Neil Webb especially ( andCrouch to some degree..yes i said SOME although a word that rhymes would do as well)
    all seem like one of OUR old boys when they moved on to something “better”..

    Hey didnt Viafara score against Man City with a thumping header?
    Manc pompey transfers…Gerry Creany,Walshie,Lee Brabury cant think of anyothers

  • Thanks for your encouragement fellas as I’ve said befre it makes it worthwhile if you guys enjoy what I put together – This feature is one I enjoy writing the most because when researching the club we are about to play is digs up all sorts of memories and reminds you of players long ago forgotten.. I’m really pleaed with the Man City article .. I hope you enjoy it when it’s published in the next couple of days…

  • Some great suggestions too.. Marinello & Graham Ninja were idols of mine when I was a kid…. Plymouth I’d forgotten about Hiron going to Reading he has to be a contender for an article when we play them.. I’ve added all your suggestion to my list .. you never know who might pop up – Keep ’em coming fellas …. Oh ! as Rug mentioned this is open to anybody but if you have some info and don’t know how to make it/presnt it as an article (or don’t have the time) just send me a message with your thoughts and what you know and I’ll do the rest..

  • And as you say: “Odder still is the fact that a player never really leaves a club or the hearts of it’s supporters.” How true: De Zeeuw, Toddy… It’ll break my heart to see G’ON running out against us on 29 Dec.

  • yep, its a cracking idea isnt it – ive got one written to add over the weekend and hopefully others will write ’em 2 as we go on… and also agree mate when we see o’neil turning out against us it will be a heart wrenching moment wont it…

  • Yeah… too right but I think that’s gonna become a regular thing as the better we get the more the people who got us there are going to be replaced with players who will keep us there ….next up Taylor.. Mendes…. anybody else?

  • i think troare, taylor, mendes, lauren, and mvembu our on loan. that arnie mvembu fella is quality and will play an integral part of te team i hope in the next few years, replacing diop

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