Date: 25th April 2010 at 9:23am
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The Mail is today ‘claiming’ that Pompey face an uphill task to have our CVA agreed, which leaves the possibility of another points penalty, 17pts apparently, for next season on the cards.

In fact it is ‘said’ that this penalty is ‘likely’ to be the case…

The report says that ‘major creditors’ are ‘are unhappy with the report’ that was prepared, and released by Admin Andy last Wednesday.

As I am sure we all know by now should 75% of creditors support the proposal of what they will get back then we gain our CVA and come out of admin, although ‘there are already serious objections to a CVA among major creditors, some of whom wish to question the report published by UHY Hacker Young, which estimates the debts of the club at £119million.’

This article also contains some views from HMRC and Pini Zahavi on what they are owed. Along with claims that Peter Storrie ‘may not be allowed to work in football again’ due to his role on our plight, meaning he would fail premier league, and football league, ‘fit and proper’ test – with it also said that footballing bodies are ‘intrigued’ by his thoughts on previous owners, or benefactors of the club at least, and who these really were…

All in all this Mail reports paints a pretty dim picture, with thoughts on ‘liquidation’ also mentioned.

Portsmouth facing 17-point penalty – here.

Towards the end of last week Admin Andy, among many things, spoke about Balram Chainrai again, and how he has ‘the power’ to pocket all of the money we make it transfer fees, well up to what ‘he is owed’. Speaking of transfers the whole of the squad is now ‘officially’ up for sale by all accounts with a list of fees wanted for players circulated among clubs this weekend.

Back to Chainrai though, Admin Andy told The News that he remained a ‘Plan B’ option to be the clubs ‘new owner’ with it being in his best interests to make sure he does all he can to ‘keep the club alive.’

Keeping the club alive is not something that I feel Chainrai has much interest in, taking what he can for as long as he can before he leave the rotting carcass on the side of the road is something I feel is more likely, and/or of interest to him…

For me I VERY MUCH hope that he remains a mere ‘Plan B’ option, although I am becoming more convinced that he is, and most probably always has been, the one most likely to take over and ‘save the club’.

Not a great Sunday so far really is it!

Maybe, not that I want to be too negative, as I have had enough of all the negativity – and do not want to start jumping on Admin Andy’s back too much – we need to start, if we have not already, taking some, if not most, of what he says with a pinch, well maybe a large dose, of salt?

He seems to be doing a lot of ‘Storrie type’ promising of things, which – and maybe it is just the media ‘doing what they do’ – on the whole – and again, perhaps this is just them doing what they do – is seeing the opposite picture seemingly painted than the rosy, positive one painted for us by him…


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