Date: 14th July 2008 at 1:09pm
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As you may or may not be aware pentonpompey recently put an idea to me in which we aim to find out the location of all our Vital Pompey members, particularly to see what the global spread was like.

Well penton this is what we have found out so far…

UKTony – The little bit of ENGLAND that is home to the best football team in the world.

sneakay – Born and bred in Camberley in Surrey – Born in fact in the same hospital as Johnny Wilkinson (the egg chaser) at a very similar time. Still living there, but lived also in Chichester and Portsmouth for 5 years.

eastneydave – Lived in Pompey for 50 years. Cant’ say I know of any fans that live in strange places apart from Southampton!!

dthatch – Pompey born, but living in Belo Horizonte in Brazil for the past 2 years.

knocker – Born and bred Pompey first 19 years now living in Thatcham.

storagematt – Pompey born (1966) & bred but sadly married a scummer & have lived in Totton since ’92.

Gandor – Born in Cape Town, lived in Italy, resident in Portsmouth since 1956. Been a Pompey fan for 2 years. My cousin (born in Portsmouth, lives in Burton Upon Trent) has been a huge Pompey Fan all his life and travels down for matches when he can. My Auntie – Kussa Dassi (Turkey) says that they are flying our flag in some of the bars there (before we won the cup). I will take a Wembley flag with me if I go this summer.

Bellezza Biondi – Ciao everybody i am sabina i am italiano i am 26 i live in roma with my sisters three. I cheer pompey as mio grandmother inglese was live in portsmouth a long times away. i hope to visit england one days and see calciatore di Pompey especially Jermain Defoe he is very nice.

pompeyhouston – Hey everyone, my name is Chris and I am from Houston, Texas. Have been a Pompey fan for about three years. Don’t have any link to England except through ancestry. I hope someday to go to Portsmouth and see a game at Fratton Park while I still can. Anyway there is at least one Pompey fan from the United States.

pompeyrug – Right, myself as we know I am a Leigh Park boy but left for Devon at around the age of 8 and have stayed here ever since… Maybe I will go ‘home’ one day, altho I am back home enough as it is for the football anyway, so it acts like a ‘holiday home’ and I will spend a fair portion of the next 10 months there!

Chix – Hi everybody out there I’m Chix …. Pompey born and breed…. now living in Salisbury because I’m posh 😉

harrissman – Well I watched the game at the PFC bar here in Thailand.

paulisrael – Pompey born & bred, left in 1988 (aged 22) for Israel where I have been living in the south (close to Eilat) since then. Saw the final in a pub in Eilat. Will be over in August & hoping to go to the united games – if I can get tickets! My kids are Pompey supporters too.

Steve C – Nothing very exciting for me, Born in Portsmouth, lived in Lovedean till 6 months old then Chichester for 45 years.

nodster – I watched the game in the back corner of a pub in Adelaide, Australia, where most of the crowd was watching the AFL Footy game on the big screen… When we scored everyone thought I was senile!

pompey downunder – Pompey for 28 years moved to Sydney 3 years ago.

StuartM – I’m from New Zealand, I never knew another Pompey fan in NZ for my first 40 years of life, then I moved to another department at my job, 200 people in the dept, and there were 2 more Pompey fans there, born and bred in Portsmouth. It was heaven! We all walked around wearing Pompey Shirts and no one gave us stick! My ties to Pompey was that my mother was born there – i.e. Pompey in my blood, and I went to 2 games in 1989 when I did my one and only UK o.e after university. Now that we’ve won the Cup, all my childhood ambitions have been fulfilled!


Just to recap this is exactly what pentonpompey wants to know…

I have been sat around mulling over thoughts about Pompey, as you do.

Players we’re going to sign, buying my tickets for the Community Shield, Which pre-season games am I going to? Blah blah blah… It was this last thought that triggered a question in my head. I wonder just how many Countries in the World do we have fans in?

We played and indeed won the Tournament last summer in Asia. We’re the 2008 FA Cup winners (and all that that brings in global exposure.) We are playing in Africa as part of our summer warm up. Surely with this exposure and the Ex-Pats we must have reached all corners of the globe?

So my idea is simple.

Let us know here at Vital Pompey just where you live. Let us see just how many DIFFERENT countries we can lay claim to having Pompey supporters in. We will try to keep a regular update going and list a ‘Roll of Honour’.


To see the ‘Global Warming – towards Pompey that is!’ thread and add your location and thoughts click here.

There will be further updates like the one above, as well as the current ‘Roll of Honour’ list as time goes by so we know what the Pompey spread is like here on Vital Pompey, and how many different countries we have reached – so share your location, wherever it might be here.


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