Date: 15th May 2008 at 1:17pm
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With days to go to what could be the greatest day in our footballing supporting lives, one thing still bothers me.

The playing of the Welsh National Anthem!

Put aside their ‘right’ to represent England in Europe if they win (and they won’t). Put aside their right as a Welsh team to have their disciplinary action decided by the Welsh FA. Put aside they are a Welsh team playing in England.

What do we do as Pompey supporters, English or not do when they play their Welsh Anthem?

As this is supposed to Pompey vs Cardiff and not England vs Wales, what do we do?

God Save the Queen is the National Anthem for the countries in the United Kingdom. It is not the anthem of England! So whilst Wales has an identity crisis, what do we do?

The whole world is watching, so what do we do? Do we sit/stand there & take it? Do we make noises to drown it & be accused of being racist & wind the Cardiff players up a notch?

No doubt a bit of both will happen.

You may have a thought as to what you will do now but that may change come the game.

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18 Replies to “For Harry & England!”

  • Difficult one as you say because we don’t want the Pompey name to be put down as we sing Blue Army over the top of the National Anthem. It was great doing it at Manure when they were trying to sing that awful cup song they have, but over the Welsh national Anthem?? I am sure I will just go with my feelings at the time. If everyone around me starts to chant then I will probably join in!

  • agree, booing isnt on no matter what, it is something that i feel shouldnt be happening – the welsh national anthem – but i will respect it, and booing wouldnt be doing this…

  • Respect it & answer with Jerusulem, which should be Englands anthem anyway…
    Maybe the Tanoy announcer could read parts of Henry V’s Agincourt speech as Pomepy run out???

  • If only they would play Jerusalem, that would be brilliant but they won’t, that would be racist. Don’t start me on that. I just think we are being compromised & being put in an akward no win spot. All being well we will have the last laugh when we win & Sol as an Englishman, with Jamo & Glenn parade the cup with the rest of the Pompey boys.

  • If they boo GSTQ then we will naturally disrespect them but still an uncomfortable position for us really.

  • A mate of mine was at the Chelsea v ManUre game; the pre-match announcer said “please stand for the national anthem” and then played “Blue is the colour”……Much as I don’t like Chelski, this made me smile. All joking aside though – back to Saturday – by pandering to the Welsh, the FA has stoked up a more partizan feeling than is necessary.

  • Matt, it really gripes me too. It will, without doubt inspire the Cardiff players, having Katherine Jenkins singing their anthem. A real sense of injustice, but I think more to us fans than the players. Me, I’ll just go with the flow. Hopefully it’ll be BLUE ARMY of PLAY UP POMPEY. If it’s boo’s, thats what I’ll do. Bad example to set my kids, but needs must!

  • this is a tough one. we dont want to dampen the name of pompey – but how can we stand there and be so obviosly insulted? i say we just sing jerusalem out…if not when they are singing, then at some other point – just too rub it in.

  • OMG and you forgot to mention Gavin and Stacy is a conspiracy to take over the Beeb and worse …yes worse those taffs are up there on the holy turf as we speak, planting subversive leaks an all, blo0dy hell gents get a grip as long as there is crying in the valley after the games who really cares? until you wrote this article storage i’m guessing nobody

  • you didnt mention their attempt to take obver the Karioki world with why why why delilah?…. i mean have i just logged onto the sun or something

  • WE have been here before welsh anthem should not be played this is not a International. What it is an ENGLISH cup. This always bugs me England is part of GB, UK whatever, but are the only member to use God save the Queen in any sports, I have nothing against our anthem but its a British thing not English. So our anthem is PLAY UP POMPEY so maybe we should go with that & we all know the words. No booing the anthem thats not on even if its only the welsh.

  • I shall go with the flow, but I won’t boo. Love Carpets suggestion. Would love to hear the Pompey fans singing Jerusalem – wot a buzz that would be? Lifts us up from accusations of yobbishness methinks – or would we just be cultured yobs? It would certainly be memorable!

  • Sing the Chimes I say after all it is a better known song and has been sung at more football games!

  • Dave/Yong, I agree. The Chimes is the Pompey anthem and we should drown out the Taffs with that. Russell, churlish as it may seem, this Telegraph reader (not Sun) is *****ed off by the Welsh anthem bit.

  • The problem with Jerusalem is that I doubt that many people know the lyrics! I for one only know part of it – but would love to sing it as it is such a passionate song. Does anyone fancy putting the lyrics somewhere?

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