Date: 25th March 2008 at 5:01pm
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I don’t know whether this may help anyone? It is an extract from the club site.


A batch of 1,180 tickets for Pompey’s FA Cup semi-final with West Brom will go on sale from the club’s ticket office at 9am on Wednesday, April 2.

They will be available to season ticket holders only and be limited to two per person.

The bulk of the seats are left over from the first phase of ticket sales when 1,100 season ticket holders did not take up their option to buy a seat for Wembley.

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18 Replies to “Extra semi final tickets?”

  • I thought that the old and infirmed season tickets holders might not take up their tickets – then I decided I would go after all Lol. Good luck to those in the queue.

  • Having just had 3+ weeks away from work, I’m going to find it difficult to have another day, or even half a day, quite so soon. As Peter Storrie also says, the queues will be long (ie get there at the crack of dawn) and he hopes that those who were successful in phase 2 don’t try again

  • Is it true that the cheeky feckers who purchased more than one ticket in the first phase and/or more than two in the second phase are having their wallets refunded and tickets cancelled? Also heard that these people will be barred from purchasing tickets for the final should be get there! Apparently its been in the paper! I hope so because it will mean people will have to play by the rules and others dont have to miss out because of someone else’s greed!

  • I will probably upset a few people for this but i hope Pompey do follow through! i think its wrong to abuse the system at the expense of other Pompey fans. Do you think they will carry out their threat?

  • Probably because they didn’t get through in time because the same people keep phoning up and purchasing more tickets.

  • I get the impression this ticket sale thing for the semi hasn’t been handled very well – how are you going to cope with the final? You’ve got 30000+ tickets – wots your average home gate? wots your capacity even?

  • Heaven help the chaos for the final. Of course we will get there ’cause life will be very unbearable for a long time if we don’t.

  • the devon boys are still a tkt short so if any one can help please contact me. My Dad would probably go down to Pompey but as ive written the 3 tkts we have purchased- 1 in phase 1 and 2 in phase 2, no cheating here- are on his ST so that will disqualify him. i am going to try thursdays lottery for Richies tkt

  • its not just richie from the devon boys who is short of a ticket… my brother hasnt got a ticket either, but i dont think he could go even if he got one?

  • I was just wondering if anyone has received their tickets yet. I had assumed that they would be delivered by Royal Mail but one of the letters in The News today refers to Securemail whatever that is. Does anyone know any more?

  • anyone know what a client reference number is and where i find mine? ie how many digits should I have on my season tickets?

  • rang from 6am and didn’t even get to speak to anyone! waste of time despite having 3 season tickets for previous 4 seasons. I hate phone lotteries.

  • got up at stupid o’clock to try, i know what i’ll use the ‘online service’ i thought as that will be easier… it might crash, but it’ll be easier… well i was right, it appeared easier until i had to put my client reference number in when it told me that my client reference number was not on their database, which begs the question from me why wasnt my client reference number on the database? couldnt get through on the lines either – i think the club will be recieving a phone call from one angry ‘client’ today with apparenly no client reference number – gratitude for a long term fan isnt it…

  • The client referance for non season ticket holders is the number that the club assign to you once you have registered with the club, by this i mean ”purchased a ticket over the last 5 years”. I queried this with ticket master last night because my old man didnt know as he is not a season ticket holder, anyway.. ticket master took down my oldmans post code etc… and they found it for me there and then !!! they then advised me on how to use this in conjunction with the online service as this number would be his password. To cut a long story short we encountered the same problem as RUG and the online system went tits up as the client reference was not accepted!!! So in truth a bloomin waste of time.

  • it was a farce wasnt it, i had an account set up already, so changed my profile to make the passord the same as my ‘aaparent’ client reference number – clearly not the one i had been led to beleive it is, if not then someone has changed this recently, as this was the right one when i ordered tickets for the recent sunderland game… ah well, at least i know i have a ticket…

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