Date: 17th September 2007 at 4:38pm
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In the build up to the England v Israel game last week, I read various articles suggesting reasons why England could be under performing in major tournaments, and in all other matches.

Most of the articles were by fans of one of the top 4 teams, and most placed the blame on teams like Pompey. So, I decided to have a look at just what they were complaining at. The article that really annoyed me was on a Manchester United fans site, that targeted Pompey as some of the major culprits, and I really can’t see why.

The first point brought up said that players such as Traore and Benjani should not play in the English leagues, as surely there are better English players. I would agree to this. There are better English left backs than Traore. I would take Ashley Cole, over him any day, but unfortunately, he is taken. Benjani is similar; there are many good English forwards. Michael Owen for example, and I wouldn’t mind that Wayne Rooney either, but apart from them, it seems hard to sacrifice Benjani’s pace and effort for a few more goals (which I believe he will get this season anyway) and a bit more skill. But other than the two mentioned, I can’t really think of many English strikers I would prefer.

Our whole squad has also largely been questioned as to how English it is. Sure, we brought in a fair amount of African players over the summer, but we do still have a fair number of British ones.

Our all-English back 5 (jamo, Johnson, primus, Campbell and Cranie) are one of the best, when on form (only one change from last seasons that did so well, with Cranie – a young English talent coming in for Stefanovic, big improvement). Yes, you could say Cranie hasn’t played much, but I would like to see him play more.

Our midfield can also go for a ¾ British look, with Taylor, Davis and Hughes (Scottish) playing – and they are all good enough to play in the Premiership, even if they aren’t necessarily in our starting XI. And if there is any doubt why Davis and Hughes aren’t, you just need to look at our other players there to see why.

Our forwards could equally be ½ English, as we have David Nugent who can play there. Yes, I know this is just reminding Pompey fans of our squad, but we must make sure everyone knows, so they don’t try to tell us we are the reason England aren’t doing to well.

And to round it off, the articles were all trying to make excuses as to why England weren’t performing. And then, we beat both Israel and Russia 3-0, and with a many less players from the top 4 sides. Does this suggest that in actual fact, it is the larger clubs that are the reason for England’s apparent (although on recent form, doubtable) decline?

To further the point, the Vital Liverpool site are running a poll – what should come first, club or country – and 83% of there fans were all going for club. It is that attitude, that reflects on their players, who then don’t put their effort into the national game, that caused England’s defeat to Croatia, and draw with Macedonia. Remove some of those players, and add those who really care about playing for England (Heskey and Barry come to mind) and suddenly, England put 3 goals past a side who had only previously conceded 1.

So my solution to England’s problems: Taylor for England!

Written by pompeycarpet.

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13 Replies to “England failing and its all Pompey’s fault!”

  • after i wrote this article, i then read that, with the addition of G’ON, they would be able to field…and impressive 6 english playors in there next game – which it was said, contrasted greatly with us. Can someon not count? Jamo, johnson, sol, linvoy, cranie, taylor, davis, nugent=7…i found that quite amusing.

  • What do they care? We’re not splashing £17m to buy English players just for the sake of the English game. Jeez.

  • pompeycarpet whilst a agree with the principal of your article, against liverpool we fielded 4 English players, and i personally do NOT think davis is up to prem euro standards, but i digress, i think the article referred to the fact that they would field 6 english players which is not bad. I think we could on average field 5 Glen J, Sol C, Lin P, Mat T, Dav N, but i dont think we will as for some reason HR prefers HH ??? LP will spend most of his time on the bench as will Cranie and Nugent. And the principal of a lack of home grown players is right and may come back to bite us if we are succesful in achieving UEFA in that squad must have a certain quantity of homegrown players and at least two from our academy. this means we will have to take un proven players or worse Davis

  • russlem – thanks for your opinion, i was only trying to offer mine. We have not had an acadamy for the last few years, and, realisticly, weonly truly established ourselves in the premiership last season. Davis is not a bad player, and could cope with the uefa cup, as the oposition will not be that much better – there will just be more of it – but in general, it would be nice to average 5 English playors, but due to harrys preferences, i agree, we may not manage it.

  • Carpet I swa the article on the Manure site and thought about adding a thread in our forum about it but I am too busy researching Episode 1 of Challenge Dave!! Seemed to me like sour grapes blaming Benjani among others for the state of English football after the had robbed them of two points.

  • Mr carpet i dont criticise you but as a club we need more home grown talent, the other issue is we will need it to have a full squad for ( thinking positively) we make Europe. I think if you comply you can have a squad of 28, if you dont you must nominate 22 players for the UEFA next season and CL this season. I do not however agree with you on Davis, he isnt bad but we need good and compared to say GO’N he aint it. He is and will always be a journeyman, run around a lot in your face swiping at legs and likely to get a booking every other game, that is when he not putting another shot in row Z

  • russ you dont particulartly like davis do you 🙂 i do like davis but tbh i too am finding it hard to understand what he is offering us this season – the only reason o’neil went and not davis was for the simple reason ‘arry would have – and did – get more for for o’neil than he would davis, with this money going to be put to getting another striker, but things didnt work out as planned…

  • as for clubs, united or anyone else moaning that pompey are bringing in players other than english players ***** ’em – yep, they have some quality british talent, english at that but they’ve been done with what they have paid for most of their english talent and they dont exactly ‘keep it british’ do they…

  • Usual b0ll0xs when England are suffering. Nothing hurts like a poor England but sadly club does come first.
    The English FA/UEFA/FIFA should have something in place that all clubs have a minimum of home grown talent or/and a maximum of foreign talent. Can’t see it happening but maybe it should.

  • Anybody remember the Cracker episode when the Man U fan sports his National Front logo ? Robbie Coltrane reels off the entire Man Utd team together with their nationalities….. goes something like …. (excuse spellings and counties of origin if wrong) Schmichael ? English? … No .. Danish… Kanchelkis ? English? …. no.. Russian… Paborsky? English? … no.. Cechaslovakian…. Giggs? English ?….no.. Welsh and so on all the way through the squad until he gets to …. Ince ? English ? oh yes! …but isn’t he Black! …. and what about Parker !
    It was a classic…
    Look in your own back yard Manchester United !!

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