Date: 4th March 2008 at 10:45am
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Well it’s that time of the month… I’ve taken the anorak off the hook dusted it down and had a look at the Vital Statistics for the month of February.

Once again, despite pompeycarpet’s somewhat ‘noisy’ silent protest (nobody mention Benjani) Vital Pompey shows signs of getting bigger and better with more article writers than (I think) we’ve ever seen before. Keep it up fellas we all have opinions to be heard and it’s great that Vital allows you to express them in open & honest debate without fear of getting slated for saying something that somebody else might not agree with.

On the PFC front we had the Benjani (whoops sorry Carpet) and Defoe saga, the (long man it continue) FA Cup run and 4 unbeaten league games as well as numerous other topics of discussion to get us talking so all in all February was a pretty good month.

A look at the Points Table sees Arsenal claim back their place above us following our bumper month in January but for a 5th consecutive month we sit proudly in the top ten. For those interested the table is as follows;

1 Millwall 27357 pts
2 Aston Villa 25033 pts
3 Spurs 13862 pts
4 Chelsea 13795 pts
5 Arsenal 9812 pts
6 Sheff Wed 9174 pts
7 Portsmouth 7674 pts
8 Bournemouth 7600 pts
9 Blackpool 7289 pts
10 Rotherham 5772 pts

As far as individual contributions go, Carpets silence allowed Rug to regain his normal No.1 spot and as usual Rug retained his place in the network top 10.

The Vital Network Top 100 saw no less than seven members from Pompey with Chris W and frattonaussie sitting proudly amongst the usual suspects.

Pos Pts Pos
1 Rug 864 8
2 Storagematt 613 23
3 eastneydave 578 34
4 Chix 567 29
5 jbaker 422 50
6 Chris W 413 55
7 Frattonaussie 315 100

In addition to those above we also saw pompey4me join frattonaussie in the 300 club and five members occupy the 200 club placings

Pos Pts
8 pompey4me 300
9 paultsmouth 272
10 UKTony 263
11 pompeycarpet 261
12 NK19 231
13 007 212

The 100 Club was well populated once again with the follows members all making a consistent contribution to the site

Pos Pts
14 pompeygray 183
15 Gleams 169
16 whitestones 165
17 linvoyforengland 153
18 tracyc 119
19 pompeysno.9 107

It’s good to see some new faces occupying these spots so as always take a bow fellas (and tracyc)

I won’t prattle on too much this month as I’m still depressed about the Everton result but just one final note as always; remember everybody’s contribution is valued and valid and it really doesn’t matter if you just log on for a minute or two to take part in the polls or the prediction league or (like me) use the forums to have a rant about something … but as I say every month, next time you do just spare a minute to say ‘hello’ you’re always guaranteed a warm welcome.

That’s your lot. Keep the debate fresh and lively and the anorak with come out of the cupboard once again at the beginning of March…

Written by Chix.

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

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13 Replies to “Chixy’s Vital Statistic’s – February 2008”

  • another good informative ready Chix, our overall points tally might have dropped off slightly but the interest in the site didnt – keep it up fellas and we will continue to grow…

  • Good to see new names contribute. Rug can’t we have top 20 memebers rather than the top 10? There is the space to show it!

  • Chix great stuff but how come I had more points than you and you finished above me 29 to 34? I echo your views that there is a warm welcome to all on this site.

  • i can only ask, but dont think it will be possible, there will be changes made to the format and layout at some point soon, so im not sure there would be the room…

  • well, it was a good attempt at being silent anyway…but i think that in order to get my point across, rather than be silent, it is much more effective just reminding you that since defoe came, we have changed our formation to fit around him…and it hasnt worked.

  • chix, at least your stats always resemble the month, unlike the stats we see after a game!!lol

  • Cheers fella I know they can appear quite anal but I know some of you really like to see them – Dave your placing was a typo I’m sure but I’ll check it out later today – Carper, You ARE being proved right.. so far, I still think it’ll work out in the longer term…we’ll see

  • ive had a look at this, and suddenly i have relaised something. When nugent first came to pompey, we said that he played a too similar role to benjani and kanu. now, kanu is still unfit – but now we have lost benji, i reckon nugent could fill the void!!! he even has expernace playing alongside defoe…could nugent be our saviour??? (or is that taking it a little too far?)

  • it would be nice for that to be the case carpet but i dont think it’ll happen tbh – i hope it does, but i dont think so…

  • butperfectly possible…the lad is still young, and clearly WANTS to get himself a starting place…

  • yep he clearly wants to prove himself so it is possibly but if we go on what has happened so far this season lets face it its not looking that likely is it…

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