Date: 12th May 2011 at 3:14pm
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It’s Thursday so get ready to join Chix and throw in your opinion for a lively on-line debate about all things Pompey

Well I’m booked for another week of Chew The Fat on Vital Pompey !

As you are becoming aware at around 7:30pm tonight and every Thursday I am live on-line to discuss the topics of the week.

Nothing special, just me on line to respond ‘on the spot’ to your thoughts, comments and opinions on the issues of the week, hopefully with a bit of fun, banter and controversy thrown in as well.

I’m happy to discuss all things Pompey however tenuous, so just toss in the topic you want to chat about and we will take it from there.

How about ..

No youth players left ! – Surely everybody has a view on that subject ..

Or what about No purchases until takeover Are we gonna be able to compete next season with just eight players ?

How about offering your thoughts on Danny Webber Are you as surprised as me that he has been released ?

Or perhaps you want to discuss the latest FIFA Allegations.. Just for fun .. well whatever it is I want to hear from you.

So if you’ve nothing better to do join me only on Vital Pompey, on this article and in the forums for what promises once again to be a lively debate.

I might even throw in the odd Quiz Question too !

Alternatively, if you are unable to join in at 7:30 tonight but want to add to the debate why not throw in your two penneth worth right now?


26 Replies to “Chew The Fat With Chix – May 12th”

  • Ok lets get this show on the road … Some pre-thoughts from Mslorna in the forum regarding Danny Webber which we will no doubt touch on later, but for starters did anybody see the Alan Sugar on Football programme on the telly the other day .. he made some really interesting points not all of which would necessarily sit comfortably with Pompey fans …

  • Sir Alan came up with a Five Point Plan to revolutionize football.
    His five points were
    1. Limit Player Salaries
    2. Borrow to build, Not to buy
    3. Tougher Penalties For Failure
    4. End Football Creditors Rule
    5. An Asset Fund to protect creditors paid from TV revenues

  • Lot of ?viewers? tonight .. why not sign-up and join in .. the debate is full and varied in the forum.. covering many areas of PFC…

  • Thanks to Mick Tait for a decent chat in the forum all we need know is a comment or two from another legend to keep us going .. might give me old mate Quinny a ring ..

  • Ok lets pick up on the release of Danny Webber I must admit that I was really surprised that we let him go after all that time nursing him back to full fitness especially when we expect to lose Dave Nugent Basically, as it stands at the moment we are left with Kanu & Kitson as our only striking options..! Lets hope SC has somebody (or more than one come to that up his sleeve .. If he is allowed to buy of course

    [Edited by Chix]

  • Quinny here!! Well I am fat and round but not worth a million pound!! Why is the atmosphere at FP slowly waning especially om the North Lower which is like a library (says Mrs Easneydave) she even had a man in front of her put his hands over his ears at a recent home game!!

    Being a woman she demands an answer – bit like Mrs MickTait needs the mower fixed!!


  • Mrs Eastneydave

    My thoughts on the North Lower … Now there?s a subject for debate… As you know I have always been a Fratton Ender but once (just once) about three Christmas?s ago I gave away my ticket as I was supposed to be going to a party that Mrs Chix?s rellies had organised .. anyway as it was the party was cancelled after I had given it away .. and being the decent bloke that I am I could hardly ask for it back so I brought a ticket in the North Stand Lower ….

  • Anyway .. I found the North Lower lacking in any atmosphere whatsoever .. which I must admit was quite a surprise as only a few seasons previous to that it had ?appeared? to ?rock? from my view. To be honest I get quite disillusioned with (some) football fans these days .. putting your hands over your ears at Fratton Park .. whatever next .. putting them over your eyes on occasions I can understand.. I guess it?s similar to those Dads that take their 5/6/7 year olds to the back of the Fratton End and expect everybody to sit down coz their son/daughter can?t see..

  • On the subject of atmosphere generally .. Does it not annoy you all when SC and certain players go on and on and on about how good the atmosphere is at certain games.. especially when (IMO) it has been quite quiet and times this season .. makes me wonder what they would think if they were in the ground for a game like the AC Milan match !

  • Mind you .. in fairness SC played for Burton Albion, Wimbledon & Bournemouth so Fratton must sound loud at times .. even if it is quiet to us …

  • Quiet at Fratton HUH
    why do people moan so much about Johny Westwood they want to try & sit with me i got some loud mouth Drunk Chanting & abusing everyone & anyone well when hes not stuffing his face standing next to me
    oh to move next to JW that would surely be much quieter.

  • Sea-Juicer

    I know exactly what you mean about the people who sit near you… There?s some old bloke next to me who can?t control his bladder .. He must go to pub before the game and wait right until kick-off before he shuffles out of his seat and pops to the loo

  • But as for sitting next to Mr JW .. would you really want to sit next to him .. I mean RIGHT next to him

  • PompeyJake

    That?s about the same row as

    Sea-Juicer and of course the loud mouth drunk chanting & abusing everyone and the bloke who has to pop to the loo … Row DD I believe ..

  • I’m row GG. As for the loud mouth drunk chanting and abusing everyone, I think tahts probably the majority of the Fratton end. The people behind us are very much the same. The back of my head is always sticky from a combination of beer, pie and complete and utter bull****

  • LOL .. Sea- Juicer was referring to me … and I to him… we`ve stood side by side for years on and off .. he`s my older brother .. but I know what you mean … remind me to tell you the story of the ‘Pastylady` one day.. It`ll have you in stitches and leave the smell of pasty and an over zealous use of perfume up ya nose for years to come..
    [Edited by Chix]

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