Date: 2nd June 2011 at 5:00pm
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Get ready to join Chix @ 7:30pm and throw in your opinion for a lively on-line debate about all things Pompey … Not that there has been anything significant happen this week !

Well here we are again for another session of Chew The Fat on Vital Pompey !

Tonight, as with every Thursday at around 7:30pm I will be live on-line to discuss the topics of the week … and tonight as a tempter I may just let you into a little speculation about who I think Pompey are going to sign in the next few days..

Those that took part in last weeks Chew The Fat will no doubt testify that a lively debate was had by all both on the front page and in the forum. So why not join in with me ‘on the spot’ to respond to your thoughts, comments and opinions on the issues of the week, hopefully with a bit of fun, banter and controversy thrown in as well.

As always I’ll be happy to discuss all things Pompey however tenuous, so just toss in the topic you want to chat about and we will take it from there.

..But somehow I think we might get sidetracked discussing a certain takeover or speculating about the future.

So if you`ve nothing better to do join me only on Vital Pompey, on this article and in the forums for what promises to be a lively debate.

Alternatively, if you are unable to join in at 7:30 but want to add to the debate why not throw in your two penneth worth right now?


5 Replies to “Chew The Fat With Chix – June 2nd”

  • Evening All

    Well it’s 7:30 and the debate has already started in the forum… Hop over there (just look for the ‘Chew The Fat’ thread) to see what is on peoples mind .. And why you are there why not have your say too.. I’ll pop back to the this front page occassionally to see if there are any post on here too ..

  • “Well I’ve gotta start with a huge congratulations to Altyblue on the birth of his new born.. It’s great to remember an event such as Pompeys new owners with the birth of a child … When my oldest was born Wayne Rooney scored his first Manchester United hattrick..

    I wasn’t that chuffed considering I can stand him or Man U ..

    Anyway let’s get down to business .. The takeover by the Russians..

  • “Well .. We all say ‘Russians’ but we have a Russian, a Hungarian and an Englishman .. My Father in law reckons it sounds like the making of a joke..

    ‘An Englishman. Russian and a Hungarian walk into a football club…

    Would anybody like to add the punchline ?

  • An excellent debate running in the forum… transfer speculation… discussion on training facilities.. stadium.. jeez we’ve touched on nearly everything tonight.. pop across to the forum and have a look.. maybe even add a comment or two ..

  • it was a really good debate, well over 100 comments spread over 5-pages, well worth a read in the forum…

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