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The latest question was from pompeyrug and the task:

If we beat Wigan after the international break that will make it 3 away wins in a row, I cannot remember the last time that happened – can you?

I think the last time we recorded three away wins on the bounce was in the 1985/86 season when over Xmas/New Year we beat Sunderland (3-1), Carlisle (1-0) and Wimbledon (3-1).

Funny how these stories keep crossing the same ground Tommy Christensen scored one of the goals at Sunderland and the referee was Keith Hackett current head of Refs.

Three away wins running – we have never done in Premier League. We did not do it in 2002/03 surprisingly despite having 12 away wins.

The last time Pompey won three away games in the top flight was 1950/51.

Pompey were defending champions and were in mid table coming towards the end of the season. On March 3rd they lost 3-0 at Blackpool. They then went unbeaten for the final twelve games pulling themselves up to finish seventh.

The first three away games of that run were all victories at Wolves (3-2), Arsenal (1-0) and Charlton (1-0). All three games were in March 1951 and started an unbeaten away run stretching nine games and defeat at Sunderland on 22 September. A run of over 6 months!! I was born during that run which is why I struggled to remember it!!

In the previous season 1949/50, when the championship was won for the second time, three consecutive away games were won in the run in at Stoke (1-0), Fulham (1-0) and Manchester United (2-0).

Written by eastneydave.

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16 Replies to “Challenge Dave #4”

  • Challenge Dave:
    Dave, Which Pompey player played at Fratton Park on the afternoon of his wedding day?

  • dave has been challenged – i like the challenge mate… however if future drop me an email and i will forward it to the legend 🙂

  • ChallengeDave – Why, in a League Cup tie, did Chelsea fans have to leave the seated stand they were in?

  • Merlin – Is the answer to your question either a) because they hadn’t paid or b) because Chelsea were so poor the fans couldn’t stand anymore ..;)

  • Good work again Dave although I would have thought we would have done it in our promotion season if I was asked t [ut money on it .. I think I was at the Sunderland game in 85/86 was it on boxing day ??.. have a look at the Best Chant threadand the comment I made before reading this….It must be the same game . It’s odd that things keep coming up time and again init only last did I utter Tommy Christensen and lo and behold he pops up again

  • Paul the answer you are looking for is Yung Lee Sharpe. Now these are tricks not challneges but a bit of fun.

  • Merlin – it was at Fratton Park the Chelsea fans were moved because they were not too happy about being 2-0 down and started ripping up seats and throwing them. The probelm was other Chelsea fans were getting hurt. Chelsea won 3-2!!

  • here’s one for you dave, how many different nationalities (of players) have represented Portsmouth? i reckon there must be at least 50 if not more? I’ll let you decide…

  • Dave another one for you, my grandad bless his soul, used to tell me pompey were the first original div 1 ( pre PL times) to field a black player. He vehemently dis agreed with something said by the guy with the comb over on ITV’s world of sport, threw his daily express at the telly and told me to always remember that fact. LoL then he told me to pass him my grandma’s half a mackeson whilst she was asleep.

  • Russell I think Grandad was referring to Lindy Delaphena a West indian winger who signed from Arsenal in 1948 and played 7 games in the two championship seasons before moing on to Middlesboro in 1950.

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