Date: 8th October 2007 at 11:01pm
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Here is a heads up on something I thought you’d appreciate.

Speculative meetings taking are place this week between representatives of Gaydamak and Luke Comer, an Irish property developer regarding a possible takeover/investment into Portsmouth FC.

Comer (and his brother) were linked with a move to takeover Aston Villa before Randy Lerner eventually bought the club.

There are no more details at this stage that can be revealed, however field questions and they might be able to be answered?

Written by?

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM VITAL POMPEY EDITOR – Again I must stress that Vital Pompey is not in the speculative field anymore – maybe it was in the past, but not on my watch – but this was not made up by myself or any other site editor. This was forwarded to me and as such – as I would almost anything someone puts forward – I have used it.

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22 Replies to “Speculative Takeover Discussions?”

  • as i use what people forward me ive done the same here – i am not saying it is true, but i am also not saying it is not? this is where you come in fellas, ask the questions and i will try and get answers?

  • Always speculation about pompey……..pinch of salt. When Mandaric left i felt we would never get over it, now we all love Sascha, What i’m saying is the club will always come before the individual it’s Pompey i follow, not the owner. In my mind Sascha is doing the right things. Went to the MM suite for carvery sunday, had a tour of the ground and watched the game all for under £30 for the family, cant be bad!

  • cant be bad at all mate – now thats great value for money… tbh i cannot see gaydamak selling up and moving on yet, maybe there could be some investment by my own thinking is he would not up and leave like that – not yet anyway he still has alot of unfinished business here and from a business point of view he still has alot more money that he can make yet…

  • And the carvery was bloody lovely. Good food, good service, back stage at the ground, boardroom, changing rooms. Rug, if you’re down visiting your roots it’s well worth it! Looked in the sports bar, looks really nice. This guy is quietly doing the right things. Guys, try the carvery on a sunday, think they are doing it every week, check the website, think you have to book.

  • i should be down visiting some family in november – have an aunty and uncle and cousins in and around cosham – so i may well do just that… are you working on a commission basis mate 🙂

  • No mate, not on commission!!lol. But, the guy on the door said this is something they are trying, and if it doesnt work they will stop it. We all had a great day, thats why i wanted to tell other vital members about it. It’s so worth it.

  • i know, i was only joking mate… what you could do if you wanted – and you have time? – is maybe knock something together on the package, what it comprised of entirely and how good it was etc. and i could prob add it as an article? it wouldnt have to be anything amazing but if it can help promote the good the club are doing im all for that!

  • any questions that people do have on this takeover/investment potential proposal do fire away and i will endvour to get them answered – the fella who supplied this information has been very good in his correspondance and seems more than willing to answer whatever he can – however i can say that it does seem that this is very much true, in as much as the comer group are approaching gaydamak – who apparently is making positive noises towards them…

  • 4me – please do the article as rug suggests I for one am interested to know of your experiences – Do they do pies ??

  • Rug – By the sound of it this is pretty serious stuff – I for one never thought Sacha was in for the long haul anyway – he doesn’t have the love Milan had – Generally takeovers are good (short term) things,, get in, make some dosh, get out (very worrying) does your guy know what views this group have for continuation of the plans already in place (Academy, new stadium etc.. ) Professionally, I’ve worked in a marketplace where mergers and acquisitions are commonplace and there’s generally no smoke without fire – I don’t want to fuel the fire or compromise your position as editor but I’m interested to know more… especially if your source is in the know as mine are pretty close to Sasha and I’ve not heard a peep about this..

  • clearly at 1st i was very, very unsure on this and its truth tbh but the fella has made alot of contact with me and has agreed to let me share more information which tells us abit more… ive put this in the forum so to see this click here

  • just to once again clarify fellas ‘i am not saying this is a cert to happen’ ive had some contact from people voicing concerns, i am not trying to ‘worry’ or ‘frigthen’ people into thinking sasha is going to go – tbh i hope he doesn’t… whilst i am also working on 100% varifying who his fellas is that has contacted me to see if they are ‘really’ who they claim, or if they are a joker trying to have a laugh at this sites expense… it sounds paranoid but it could be someone from another site perhaps trying to bring us down? so again i have not said any of this is a cert to happen – the thoughts are not my thoughts, they are either that of someone that really is involved in something going on, or they are that of someone that is ‘having a laugh’ at vital pompey’s expense…

  • ha ha ha, what a joke! I doubt sascha would leave now…he should wait till we have regular champions league football, a new stadium, and decent accadamy – when the shares are at there highest, not when they are still going up. to be honest, i doubt this is credible as he should have no intrest in mooving away, particualy not after investing so much in new playors over the summer.

  • okay lets try this from another angle… the fella who told me this info had said it was passed on to try and gage what the fans would think – and this is what he said – if this if it happened… so lets just say hypthetically this is 100% true, the comers are making a move – how would you feel about this?

  • There more interested parrties than there are decent clubs to buy, even the rumour about the scum being bought is still hanging around (God lets hope not). So we may be toughted bey a bigger fish than Sasha. Until then enjoy the ride.

  • Under alaxendre guydamak, we have improved beon our wildest dreams. he has put money forward for everything that has been asked of him, and has made the whole club a lot more proffesional. I know very little about the corners – but i dont imagine them to be billionairs, willing to invest more in the club than sascha, i dont imagine them to be pompey fans, considering there first choice was to go for west ham, and i only see them as looking for the investment in property development of the old site of fratton park. I would not see it as a step forward – the only nice thing about it, would be that at least it would show we are being recognised as an improving club.

  • i quote ‘the source’ here fellas: ‘the sceptical and considered reaction shows that Portsmouth FC is not in need of saving, and it is our intention not to save the club, but to help build it’… apparently, all being well the news should be running something on this topic tomorrow – at least sometime this week. if they indeed do then this was above board all the time and vital pompey indeed had a major exclusive – even if we were alittle unsure!

  • ummm….. This one is very interesting, Lets stay (just for arguement) that the interest from the Comers is true. Sasha would need to make a decision … and contary to what Carpet originally said Sasha ‘could’ sell (or perhaps accept investment) based on ‘potential’ – If we are recognised as a club going in the right direction that’s obviously a good thing but Sasha ‘could’ captilise on just that ‘recognition’. There is no gaurantee of improvement beyond our competititors, sure we are moving forward but so are they.. If Sasha sees an opportunity he could cash in on the potential rather than see it through and risk it not working – As good as he has been for the club to date, he is a business man and he ain’t no Milan who would stay for love…. I really hope this is just scare mongering but if it is’t don’t be surprised it Sasha takes a good return on his investment and legs it back to Russia with pockets full of dosh, and leaves us in the hands of a consortium who have been looking for a football club (any football club come to that) for a good few years

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