Date: 3rd August 2009 at 12:45pm
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Another newbie writer to Vital Pompey, this time portsmouthcityfc tries his hand at writing as they talk about the ‘latest’ linking David James with Spurs.

Another day and another Pompey player rumoured to be on his way out. This time the near ever-present David James is rumoured in the Express to be on his way out to team back up with Jamie’s Dad.

The article states that we are to get ex-Chelsea back up ‘keeper Carlo Cudicini plus £1 million. It remains to be seen however whether or not the rumours surrounding the deal have any real substance or are simply tabloid fodder to fill the back pages columns.

James has been solid for Portsmouth over the past few seasons however old father time must be catching up with him and, despite his recent declarations of loyalty to the club and intention to stay put, we all know that old Droopy Face does know how to get his man at the expense of any and all.

What are your thoughts then fella’s on this little piece of ‘news’?

Do you think this represents anything close to a good piece of business or is it simply another example of Dr SAF’s clear out of any half-decent players at the club?

One thing is for certain I doubt we will be seeing much of Fabio Capello at Fratton Park next season…

Written by portsmouthcityfc.

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

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33 Replies to “Another one bites the dust?”

  • Despite Jamo’s pledge of loyalty I can see this happening especially with Niemi now on board. I’ve today taken the decision to rip up my four tickets for the Fulham game and send them with a letter back to PS advising that I plan to sue under the Trades Description Act. I bought those tickets on the premis that I would be watching a football team, the last few weeks have showed that this will not be the case. Pompey 3/1 with Sky Bet for relegation

  • Cheers Chix for posting hoping to become a regular on vitalpompey after enjoying reading it for a few years.

  • You’re a real fan aren’t you bluedr? Why not stick by ‘your’ team and help them out to steady the ship?

  • ‘Cheers Chix for posting…’ someone trying to tell me something, that they want the chixster to take over the running of the ship 🙂

  • Would love to take the credit ‘City’ but it was the landlord himself ‘Rug’ not me .. But a good shout all the same.. and of course as the other fellas have said in the forum. Welcome to Vital Pompey .. enjoy .. there maybe quite of few of us on here all with opposing views at times but the debate (as you’l know) is always civil and most members (I’m sure) would agree that they get as much air time as they want..

  • Rug if I ran the ship we’d all be bailing out with a couple of minutes … I’ll stick to my role as ‘Director of Matchday Beverages’ thanx yooze vezy muck hic !.. As long as you serve I’ll be at the bar !

  • as for jamo going – lets just hope that he was serious when he said that he wants to see out his contract with us and we want to let him…as said in the forum there must be a reason why cudicini, who i do rate mind, must have spent the past decade or so as pretty much a no.2! jamo is still one of the best in the business and despite being a couple of years old than cudicini i reckon jamo will outlast him, and several others…

    as for what you say bluedr, whilst i appreciate yours and everyone else’s frustration – i feel it as much – i cannot understand the thoughts of ‘ripping up tickets and asking for a refund?’ we support the club, right? i do not see that as supporting the club? im pretty sure you have just said this in anger and frustration and it isnt really something that you have, or, will do really…

  • Anyway.. Beau’s Grandad and Jamo – What is all that about! … He can not be serious can he .. What will he want next Spurs to play in blue shirts, white shorts and red sock.. Jeez the man is a fool .. They’ll be remaining their Ground next …. Blue Hart Lane… or even Paul Hart Lane !.. As for it being good business.. lets think .. Englands no1 v an ex-Chelsea reserve a couple of years younger that can not get into the Spurs team because of that clown Gomez .. Umm no let me think..

  • Every one keeps saying keep the faith, but I have now sat here for 7 weeks with my leg in plaster relying on the net and Pompey sites to keep me sane, however I have lost all hope, all faith and am 3 steps beyond suicidal( do not know what that could be called). Every day we seem to be connected to another one or two old ones( have heard tell that there will be a zimmerframe parking lot in the car park) Please somebody tell me that things will get better.

  • Agree with you Rug. We support the Club, regardless of the team or division. If times are hard as the Bank of SA want their money back before they as an interested party, tick the box to finalise our take over, and if in turn, that means we have to sell the jewels and have a tough season, then so be it… not what we hoped for, and not we wanted, but if its to be that way, we will still be there supporting our team regardless. And if we have to take 2 steps back, before we can move forward under Fahim… Thats ok, we are still Pompey, and we are still the best supporters.

  • Sorry Whizz, but for F A N substitute M U G. I am absolutely dreading the season starting cos I upgraded my season tickets and my hubby will go UP THE WALL if he finds out what I paid for them and what we will now be served up to watch. Die hard fans are all very good and admirable, but there aren’t enough of them – so the rest of us who want to be entertained for our money make up the numbers. Sad fact of life.

  • I’m feeling pigsick of all the summer news like everyone else, but regardless of just how bad things get in the coming season, and even if we go down – I know that I’ll be back in the same old seat the following year (unless the ground gets redeveloped/moved (cough) ). Mug? Yep quite possibly. It’s good money after bad, but cut us do we not bleed blue? We’ve got over far worse than this, and we’ll get over this too.
    As for the Jamo news, for God’s sake keep the man!

  • I agree, G1, I was determined that, after years of buying two or three season tickets a year, I wouldn’t this year. UNLESS; a) something spectacular happened, b) we got relegated (I know, weird, eh?) or c) my son returned from the North and wanted to go. Sadly (under the circumstances) a and c happened. So I, too, am stuck with the minus bank balance and first class tickets to, possibly, the biggest disaster on Earth. I, like a lot of you, will watch Pompey through some serious ‘thin’, hoping for a bit of ‘thick’ every now and again, but it makes so miserable when we are complete rubbish, have players who don’t care and a manager who can’t manage. So that’s it, Pompey til we die, but in the meantime, life is sooo miserable. I would have thought that everyone would agree or at least empathise with this view.

  • You can stick Cudicini up your ####… You can stick Cudicini up your ###… You can stick Cudicini… stick Cudicini… stick Cudicini up your ####… PUP

  • Rug, of course I haven’t ripped up the tickets! Having had the pleasure of pulling on the blue shirt many years ago it hurts to see what is happening at the club. Ok, I didn’t make the grade but still follow the club when business commitments allow.

  • Bum to the lot of em! This is like a terrible pantomime. My prediction: a top half finish after it is finally revealed that Belhadj is actually the best player in the world making Lionel Messi look more like Lionel Blair. Belhadj gets 30 goals, assists 30 more, keeps goal when needed and saves Linvoy’s life after Linvoy nearly smiles himself to death thereby guaranteeing a sainthood (except he’s a muslim – well, an honorary sainthood then). Ok, I’m rambling but it isn’t any more ridiculous than what has been happening round here. At least we are STILL better off than Scum. Just for the moment anyway.

  • I do not think that Jamo will be leaving, however, since we moved for Niemi, there might be something strange going on. Having Cudicini is not bad, but never instead of Jamo. As always, we have to wait and see.

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