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Dan Brett takes a pro view of Balram Chainrai – read on for more.

With the appeal date for the CVA set for Thursday, much talk has become of Balram Chainrai’s plans to buy the club himself.

Ever-present businessman Rob Lloyd has thus far failed to reach an agreement between his consortium and the administrators, leaving Chainrai in prime position to take control of the South Coast side.

This move has sent shockwaves amongst the Fratton Faithful, splitting the views of those who have been one of the only driving forces for the club in the past twelve months, at times when the support of the fans was largely unreciprocated by the Portsmouth board and on-pitch results.

What I feel fans’ have to bare in mind however, is that Chainrai is very much our only option of keeping this club alive. Although I agree with the sentiments of SOS Pompey, if the only way the club is going to live is through Chainrai’s funding, then so be it.

He’s a businessmen, and in the modern day I’ll bet that 99% of those involved in owning and running a number of businesses have had their names dragged through the mud, something we’ve seen at a number of clubs as well as our own.

What we have to gain perspective of is the fact that no matter who comes in to own the club, whether it be Chainrai or another, is that they’ll have their own motives for the future of the side. We saw Gaydamak, when he came in, as someone who was going to change the club’s fortunes, but it soon became evident that he was interested in the property side, because that’s his line of business.

I’ve heard a lot of talk about Chainrai being in it ‘only to re-coup’ his money, and I wouldn’t blame him at all for wanting to do this – end of the day, he’s kept us alive the last few months with running costs, so we owe him. Big time.

Of course as I said, Chainrai’s no idiot. If he can spend money keeping the club alive and getting it past the CVA and appeal stages, he can make his money back, and I don’t blame him now for wanting to take the club on himself, as if he can get us back into the Premier League, we’re a much more worthwhile acquisition for prospective buyers – but we still have a club to support, regardless of your views? I’m happy with that.

We’re all entitled to our views on the subject, and this isn’t me trying to convince anyone otherwise of their own beliefs, but I just think it’s time we gave Balram a bit more credit for the job he’s already done, as well as what he’s trying to achieve in whatever time capacity that he’s here.

Dan Brett.

Written by Dan Brett.

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10 Replies to “A case for Balram Chainrai”

  • A more sensible reasoning than the anti brigade, Dan. What I don’t understand is what has Chanrai done to date that has been against the interests of PFC for so much anger to be directed at him. It all seems to be unfounded speculation.

  • I have no anger to be directed at Chanrai as he played a crucial role in helping the club last season. And I wouldn’t say that I’m a member of he Anti-Brigade either but, as a preference, I would certainly opt for somebody who actually wanted to own a football club and take it forward rather than somebody who has been reported as saying that he doesn’t want to own a football club. At the end of the day if he is the only option then he is the best option.

  • Mr Brett .. I applauded your view.. Well done for sticking ya neck out fella .. It needs a few more of us willing to tell the ‘neggies’ and ‘everybodies a crook brigade’ to put up or shut up .. We should thank BC foir the very fact we exist today.. Even if its for his owns motives I for one am externally grateful

  • Seems like he is the only option and considering he has already done a lot to help your club I feel that he would stick around long enough to find a sensible alternative.

  • Seems like he is the only option and considering he has already done a lot to help your club I feel that he would stick around long enough to find a sensible alternative.

  • If, as may be the case, Chanrai is the only option – well for now anyway – then we have to be grateful he’s there. If only though we had a prospective owner with the desire and the means to take the club forward. But if we don’t, we don’t and Chanrai is there as a fallback position. But there’s still the suspicion that he hired Admin Andy with the agenda of selling the club back to him. There’s been rumours of Rob Lloyd (who I’m also suspicious of) and other potential owners, who have disappeared mysteriously after AA went to meet them, and he seems to be resisting RL’s attempts to buy the club. But it is true that BC has saved our club, whatever his motives. When’s the next big Euromillions rollover?

  • As Rug will tell you I’m quite happy to fight as a minority of 1; I’m pleasantly surprised to see others are of the same opinion. And we aren’t all what I discover are called “. Now we would all like an Abramowich type to turn up and buy away our worries but in the mean time if we have Chan then what’s the issue? You would have to be stupid not to have read it will be a transferable contract so if Lloyd ever does buy- or those mystical ( mythical) ukranians arrive the club can be assigned. In the mean time we have some one who has so far done the right thing and to the “neggies” Understand Chan is a secured lender. Now so people understand that means Chan CAN WALK AWAY his money AT ANY TIME. He DOESN’T NEED TO STAY; yet he does, he funded the FACup push, paid three months of players wages and a back log, paid off charities ripped off by – no I’m still not a real Pompey fan, and is to pay all the small creditors; what the he’ll is evil about that? Agreed he doesn’t live Pompey yet, maybe never will, but so far those previous club loving financiers have nearly killed it, not once but three times.

  • I’m on the iPhone so can’t scroll down but the posting about AA supposedly putting off RL and rumours of other bidders; Dione and rumours are not facts- just Malicious gossip; Lloyd is a self publicist, a succesfull one; do you seriously expect us to believe that having spent 100’s of £1000’s to put a bid together he would allow himself to be bullied out? Or that he wouldn’t publish that fact? It beggars belief. Lloyd himself has said that his consortia was going through changes, he also said that the CVA offer was more than anticipated and he would have to look again. a CVA figure wouldn’t have got approved and HMRC would certainly reject then.

  • Tracy.. Be honest, if you could buy a club for 30m as opposed to 130m by the club going into admin, and then having a better foundation to build on, would you not have done the same? I am sure i would. And also, i have a feeling that the smoke screen from Chanrai is that he says he has no interest? I wonder if this is purely to avoid a bidding war with makeshift parties? as Chanrai was on the scene to be able to invest, and i am sure i would not be at any scene of anything i am not interested in? So who knows Portpin may be the best option as opposed to the only option?

  • Message to russ… you can scroll down on an iphone… press screen with left finger, then drag up/down with right finger – it doesnt work every time but it gets the job done! =)

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