Date: 3rd August 2011 at 4:49pm
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Earlier this week, well last week technically as it was Saturday, I asked for people to view their opinion on the season ahead.

Well, here are a few of the opinions given as we move closer to the kick-off against Boro on Saturday…

nobby1954: We need a striker, at least 2 new midfielders at the very least just hope SC not thinking about resigning Hughes like we had to last year with Ashdown because things were left to late.

A couple of loans wouldn’t go amiss as well otherwise league 1 will be looming large. Don’t think we can afford to lose anyone at the moment, I’m fearing we are in for a season of woe! unless they pull their fingers out fast.

NZ_Portsmuff: Still unsure of what’s to come really, what’s nice is that we can field a team who have had a few games together, we still need more players and I am semi optimistic that we can get some more in before the close of the window, I would like to see another five faces, we need extra cover in case of injuries, however I think that Cotts idea of only bringing quality over quantity is not a bad way to be. So long as the numbers stack up by the close of the window, looking forward to this season, I would be a liar if I said I didn’t feel a little re-juvenated!

littlemissali: Help!

Another season we will struggle unless we get more bodies!

PompeyJake: Welcome littlemissali. Your first post probably echoes the thoughts of many Portsmouth fans.

For me, this coming week will decide our season. If we get in a striker and another attacking midfielder, we can probably cope. However, I am very fearful that we won’t and for the second season in a row, we will be struggling immensely for numbers. I predict another poor start to the season.

PFCblue: Quite agree. Although I am more positive than at this time last season, I think we’re still ‘lightweight’.

Maybe something will happen shortly re the 3 SC targets.

mslorna48: I think we will get a few more decent players in, we will make a much better start than last season, (which shouldn’t be too difficult to do) then we will go on to challenge strongly for the top six as the season goes on. (Ever the optimist)

Pompey-N.I: Ok my first thought as I’m sure everyone’s is is that, yes, we do need another striker if not two. I for one would be quite happy with Paterson even though it seems there is mixed opinions over him but I do think we’d need another striker along with him because of his injury record but it think Varney could fill that void if needs be. I do think though that if the Paterson deal isn’t accepted VERY soon we should give up on him and go for a wide left player and put Varney up front with Kitson. I could actually see Varney and Kitson being a decent partnership. THEN after we get a wide left player in, go for another striker. Adam Le Fondre maybe worth a punt? or what about bringing back Danny Webber? or maybe loan in a young prem striker?

My next thought is possibly quite a controversial one. I think we should bring back Michael Brown. Too late now anyway for that as He has signed for Leeds I believe but I think he would have been good back for Mullins.

pompeym@: Without a striker or 2 i just don’t see where the goals are gonna come from, certainly not Kitson, Varney’s not prolific and he’s on the wing anyway, Norris can help but not that much and same with Lawrence. without a proper striker i see us heading for a bottom 6 or so finish which is worrying but we’ve still got plenty of time to sort it out and i have faith in SC to do just that (hopefully a trio of Chelsea loanees will turn up soon lol)

that said i at least don’t see us conceding many, our back line is solid, shame our full backs aren’t a little more attack minded but they should be good at defending so i don’t see us getting relegated cause there are definitely at least 3 teams worse than us

JASON R: To be honest, I cant bloody wait.

I think we will get the season off to a good start with an away win as Boro are one of the teams I think will struggle this year, and it doesn’t help them that they are on the brink of selling Lita as well.

I am so looking forward to some real football and love it when matchday comes around.

PompeyFrippy: I can’t wait for the new season to start, but have a few reservations. There’s no doubt we need at least 4 players, 2 strikers and defender and a midfielder. I don’t mind whether they come on loan or as permanents, but we need the strikers before Saturday.

As for expectations, I don’t think we’re strong enough at the moment for the play-offs, especially when you see how strong the league is this season. Although that being said, I think on paper we have got a very decent side that should be in with a shout of the top half. I’d be very happy if with a month of the season to play we’d still have an outside chance of pushing for 6th.

It’ll be interesting to see how Cotterill goes about getting these final few components in now, I have faith in the guy, he’s done well over the summer. The one thing I would like to improve on is our consistency, last season we spent to much time on losing streaks, I don’t want to see our players being negatively affected by confidence as we were last year.

To see all the views on this issue check out the forum thread (here) and/or the original article (here) for some of the other comments.

In a nutshell I think I will stick with my opening thoughts, with what I commented with, which were…

Tbh we are in better shape than last season, and even then we thought ‘all in all’ that at least 3 teams were worse than us! Whilst we are lightweight, squad wise, at this point in time we are better – if injuries etc. do not bite, which they can easily! – than half a dozen other clubs…

This can change quickly though of course.

I was ‘hoping’, cannot say ‘expecting’ for at least one more arrival, what given Cotterill’s ‘3 on their way’ thoughts – so it has been disappointing not to see movement.

I have little doubt the club are working hard to bring in players, i would also hope that the lack of a ‘mass influx’ of them is down to the club running itself professionally and sensibly for a change.

We MUST bring in at least 1 player before Boro, a striker really, and ideally those 3 in areas Cotts highlighted by the end of the month.

The lack of transfer activity over the past 2-3-weeks has dampened my enthusiasm about this season slightly, but only slightly mind and if the rest of this week brings positive news we will all be happier than we are now.

So, all-in-all, given the range of views the impression that Vital Pompey gets it that we can be ‘cautiously optimistic’ about 2011/12 for PFC, with that being the way to go, right…


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