Date: 10th April 2009 at 3:27pm
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‘6-9pts is our most likely return from April’, not my vote, yours – although these findings from pentonpompey’s poll are thoughts that would probably appear the most likely now to be honest…

I have to admit, not that I was expecting it as a ‘given’, I was thinking we would go to Hull and win given their poor home record, not that our away record is good – but at least we got a point, and a point from an away game is not that bad really is it? Granted, had we been even a little more adventurous we would have won!

So, that gives us a start anyway, 1pt so far.

Again, not that I am expecting it as a ‘gimmie’, I feel we will beat West Brom at the weekend – to be totally honest with you if we cannot win that one at Fratton then I think we could be in big, big, big trouble as that ‘should’ be as close to a ‘3pt banker’ as we will get between now and the end of the season in May. Do we deserve to stay up if we cannot win that one?

So, that, in theory anyway, gives us 4pts.

Bolton, again a tough game, but again another for us that we should be looking to win, and I think we will – you can rest assured Matty T will score against us though! Yep, I think we will win that one but anything less than a point would not be good enough.

That, again in theory, would be 7pts.

Manyoo away – we go to Old Trafford with nothing expected, and in all honesty nothing likely to be gained. That said I am firmly in the ‘why bother if you think we have lost before we play’ camp. Ok, if I wanted to watch a team that won most weeks I would support Manyoo – that would probably make me as ‘local’ to them as most! – and whilst I clearly want Pompey to win every game I know they will not, but I sure as hell do not go to games expecting to lose, and assuming I can still go I am not planning on going to Old Trafford again to see us roll over and die, and will be pissed off if we did! I have seen us win there before, why not again… Of course I will predict, when the time comes, we will go there and get at least a point, maybe all 3pts but lets let my head rule my heart here so I will say a defeat here.

Now, theoretically, we remain on 7pts.

The trip to Newcastle ‘could’ be the decider, not only for us, but also them? Depending on results between now and then the Geordies could be cut adrift already? With the way the fixtures are shaping up they ‘might’ find themselves with a bit of a gap between them and safety anyway by the end of this weekend! Avoiding defeat, and at all costs, would be the order of the day in this game – especially if they are still in the bottom 3 and below us… A win ‘might’ finish them off, and going for this might not be a bad idea, but not losing would be paramount so I reckon a draw…

Now, that theoretically sees us walk away from April with 8pts from a possible 15 – would it be enough?

I reckon in the grander scheme of things it would, but even though these are my theoretical thoughts I would like us to be aiming to break double figures for points by the time the month is out, and if we go unbeaten for the rest of this month then we have a hell of a chance of doing this!

  • What the poll asked – Points we’ll get during the Vital month of April?

  • How you voted – 6-9 62%, 3-6 14%, 9-12 12%, 0-3 6%, 12-15 6%

    Before we move on what are your thoughts on what the last poll concluded? You know what to do, thoughts below please guys…


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