Date: 13th January 2010 at 4:05pm
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Midge shares some thoughts about this proposed protest march this weekend and why he feels this should be postponed.

I have copied the link for the Sky Website below, and looking at the poll I suggested a few days ago, “Currently” 69% of us, want to call off/postpone the Protest.

Surely we DO want what is best for the club, and don’t just want to appear militant and March for the sake of Marching? And if I am wrong, and you DO want the March to take place, can we be assured the Petition the “News” is getting signed, will be handed in by a Sober, John Westwood and not a Drunk John Westwood surrounded by dozens of Westy wannabe’s. A drunken mob can only detract from the sincerity of any positive protest?

I for one believe we DO have to listen to what Ahmed is saying… Afterall, isn’t that what the singing at the Arsenal Game, and the protest at the Coventry Game was about?

Getting the board to talk? And hasn’t that now started to happen?

I don’t think we can ask for something to happen, and then ignore it when it does, and continue to scream and shout regardless? With the Evening News now fuelling this, don’t be fooled… I cant help but fear that this is now turning into a Media hyped disaster as opposed to a genuine March in protest/concern of the clubs future.

If we don’t get the Proposed meeting, which Ahmed is muting, then OK protest and March and throw toys, but surely we should be working together for the good of the future, not against each other! For those who have NOT read Ahmed’s comments go to:,19528,11674_5855837,00.html.

Written by Midge .

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37 Replies to “WORK with CLUB Not Against It Postpone The March”

  • No way, protest until they have the meeting, lets not be so stupid as to fall for this delaying tactic. It is time for Mr Al Faraj to show his face and not send others in his place

  • Spot on, now the board/owners have started talking let’s give them some more time, but we are already half way through january so how much patience do we show. If the owners walk away then that could be the end. Better the devil you know sometimes!!

  • Spot on, now the board/owners have started talking let’s give them some more time, but we are already half way through january so how much patience do we show. If the owners walk away then that could be the end. Better the devil you know sometimes!!

  • Well, My personal view is that we should wait and see what they do in the rest of this month. If after the transfer window closes we’re no better off/haven’t signed anyone/still have an embargo, then we should go effin’ mental at them. For now, we should give them the chance to show us if these are all just words, or if there’s something behind them.

  • Any news from the PL, if we haven’t heard anything yet then they must still have issues with the information supplied by the owners.

  • People certainly want open and honest answers. Unfortunately, the latest set of ramblings from the people who run the club don’t meet that standard do

    For a start, lets look at this £40m claim. Jacob admitted its made up of loans from other people and the money WE put into the club. He is claiming the credit for “generating” money I have spent in the club shop.

    Now Al Faraj has yet another way of counting up this £40m. Jacob said today Ali Al Faraj has always been open and up front with people – this is a man who some people arent even sure exists? So open and up front he hasn’t left Saudi Arabia. So open and honest he gave an interview, then denied having given it and then had to back down before again claiming he hadn’t given it.

    Now Ahmed is claiming that interview was a misunderstanding. paragraphs after paragraph of quotes which said they were here to do a quick refinance and flog for a profit, leaving us with the debts and he says this was a misunderstanding?

    You know when they backed down from their claims the interview is a fake? When the paper played them the tape.

    Everything they have said is spin and bull. When you look at the club the wages keep being paid late, the ban is still in place, we are facing a winding up petition, we have a much convicted fraudster running the finances.

    I am amazed that anyone is prepared to accept some slippery quotes which fall apart under scrutiny as a reason to cancel the protest.

    Sorry guys, these guys lied about what they were to get into the club. Where is the “backing that goes all the way up in Saudi Arabia”? Where is the next level we wouldn’t quite believe? It turns out that at the time they were spinning this stuff through Storrie they actually meant someone was going to loan the club £35m. Yeah, those are the riches of the Saudi princes alright.

  • I think the protest should only be called off if the transfer embargo is lifted.

    When the FA are satisfied that Portsmouth have the money to pay wages and transfer fees then that is the time to call off the protest.

  • Have to admit balloo it’s that jury service dilemma again. Having read the piece at the top, you get a sense of; well ok then I won’t protest. Then read your reply and look at those facts and you think, Hell why not; we’ve nothing to lose! Guess it’s up to each and everyone of us to make our own minds up.

  • But if we protest now & the owners walk away the club is doomed. No one will buy the club & be in a position for us to sign players. Our only chance is for the current regime to produce a miracle in the next day or so. Give them a chance as after February 1st we are doomed anyhow & we can still protest.

  • The protest is not about driving them out?? Its about talking to the supporters and letting us know what the ***** is going on. Jacobs and Ahmeds storys don’t even match up ffs. Amazes me how some pompey fans are prepared to let this club die without even a whimper.

  • Agree with you Ihatemidweektvgames. I think its the wrong time to be protesting, however i also like fatbloke proposal to wait and see if the embargo gets lifted as that should speak volumes.

  • As for setting a date with for meeting the PVA?? The PVA are not the face of Pompey fans – they threw that away with their ill-timed message that they created themselves. If there is to be a fans forum it should be open to all and tickets allocated by ballot. Not for unelected PVA bods.

  • There are always 2 sides to every story, and as much as these new owners repel me, to say lets work together is stretching things a bit far. Seeing as they have said or done nothing but break promises and renage on deals so far, it seem to me that we are the only one’s doing all the running in this relationship. Ali hasn’t pumped money into the Club he’s borrowed it, and thats a sleeping dog that’s going to wake up soon. As for driving them out and selling the Club again, I am not sure thats as bad as it sounds because the debt compared to other clubs is quite small i.e West Ham, £50m being ploughed in, and still £50m debt even after that. PL Clubs are still attracting buyers so don’t write off getting rid of these twossers, and no-one else showing up. I think although Jacob’s has said a few things lately his credibility was shot away ages ago, so I take what he says with a pinch of salt. If the players/staff don’t get paid again this month, which Jacobs has said “won’t happen again” then I don’t think we have any choice but to protest, as it shows how much contempt they have for us and thier staff.

  • I have to say I might be wrong but I think listening to Allen, Mudie and Farmery on the quay I’ve come to the opinion that these three are just trying to get a grip on the club for their respective medias. That would be Allen who gets accused of fabricating stories by most Pompey most of the time and Farmery and Mudie who curiously refuse to accept Gaydamak and even more so Storrie have any responsibility for the clubs financial position. Even ignoring Storries assertion that the wonderfull sasha preffered to let the club go into administration rather than sell to Alfarj whome at that time had the money! I also note that most Pompey including The numpty Mudie were begging for darling Pete’s mates the AlFarj consortium to take us to another level. I find it really difficult to have faith in this bunch of ego’s. If you get your way and force them out; who takes over?

  • protest on untill transfer ban lifted !! if ohara goes to wolves or another rival protest even more…

  • So supposing this march goes ahead, and the current owner(s?) take further umbrage to it and wash their hands of us? What then for our great club?
    If you’re going to protest, make sure it’s well thought out and intelligent protest, free of pathetic and/or racial chants, and for Gods sake don’t act surprised when other real Pompey fans don’t share your enthusiasm for protesting, or (heaven forbid), are actually against the action you’re taking.

  • OK, Rug this was never intended to work the opposite in anyway, to unite or divide. I am 100% in agreement that everyone should be doing what they want to do, as that is freedom of speach.

    My concern and therfore the article is, that the NEWS are driving this now, and all i see is Anti this that and the other on the pages of the paper, with no one standing up and saying “Hang on”.

    I dont think Saturday will be a freedom of speach or choice, i think its going to be show of arms by the News.

    7 members of my family will be at the match Saturday, some will protest, some will not, it does not make either side right or wrong, but i personally think its wrong to be driven by the media as we appear to have lost vision of what the protest was for or about. Answers right?

    And as you have said on a previous article somewhere, Damned if they do… Damned if they dont…. For me, its doomed if we do, and maybe doomed if we dont, but with no one else half intersted in the club i think we have to give them a chance.

  • “This article for me sums up how gutless, pathetic and gullable pompey fans have become”.. and that comment sums up how uncaring, pathetic and mis-guided (some) pompey fans have become.. Go ahead and march and destroy the one chance we currently have of taking the club forward !

  • Oh and according to ESPN…. O’Hara can only play for Spurs or Pompey, having kicked a ball for both this season already. Nugent can only be sold or leant to Burnley as he also has kicked a ball for Both. Prince, and Brown and Smith are also tied. So before anyone reads too deep into the Rags who keep touting our loanees or players at other clubs, they have their facts wrong. The Same media thats organinsing this protest? who seem to think they are alwways right… right?

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