Date: 26th October 2008 at 8:43am
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Harry Redknapp has gone to Tottenham. No-one saw it coming, and perhaps if I knew this would be the outcome, I might not have laughed as much when they lost to Stoke last week.

Where do we go next?

First of all, we have to face Fulham today. Harry has already confirmed that Tony Adams and Joe Jordan will be in charge for this game. When managers leave, the player’s reaction varies. It’s important that Tony and Joe pick a team that will give their all, in order to reassure the fans that everything will be alright. But it’s not all down to the players. We, the fans, need to get behind the players today. If we can ignore the fact that Harry has gone for just this game, then we can move on to thinking about the next manager.

After today’s game, we play Liverpool away and Wigan at home, before a weeks rest. The last thing we want for these games is disruption. If we can keep the familiar faces of Joe and Tony for these games, without chucking in a new manager, then we might have a chance of progressing unscathed through this period.

Who will manage us next?

There are many options. Tony Adams has had a spell as manager at Wycombe, and has certainly improved with Harry as his mentor. Tony will be a popular choice, but has he proved himself enough to manage at this level? In his Sky Sports News website interview, Harry said he hoped that Tony or Joe would become the next manager, and I’m sure they would be popular choices.

When Sol came to Portsmouth, he said that he wanted to manage Portsmouth after he’d finished his career here. Is this an option? Is it too early? Is it too risky to put an inexperienced player in?

Harry’s own son, Jamie Redknapp, would certainly make a very good manager. Unfortunately, he’s on way too much money at Sky Sports. Whenever he covers a Pompey match, he knows everything about our team, and personally I believe he could emulate his father. Like Campbell, he also has no experience.

Avram Grant has been mentioned, and he was at Pompey before his well publicised move to Chelsea. He didn’t do a bad job at Chelsea, but his signings weren’t exactly great and he doesn’t seem like the ideal person to keep us in the top 7.

Another person mentioned has been Gus Poyet. He has been sacked by Spurs, without doing much wrong, and could perhaps be given a chance to show off his managerial credentials, rather than assistant managerial ones.

As far as experienced managers are concerned, Keegan and Allardyce are both unemployed. Personally, I wouldn’t like to see either of them at Fratton. Keegan couldn’t save Newcastle, how could he save us, and Allardyce’s style of play doesn’t appeal to me, and I believe it would go against what Harry has built here.

Despite seeming like a long-shot, I think that Phil Brown would do well at Portsmouth. He has taken players that have seemed past it, and turned them into gems. Now where have we seen that before?

Whatever happens managerial wise, as Rug said, ‘We MUST keep Jordan though – He’s the only one who stayed when everyone else went to Scum and we need at least one constant in place.’

Will our players stay?

This depends on how much financial trouble we are in. In an ideal world, the fans would get behind the players and we will keep progressing under the new manager, and the players will see that we have potential, and will stick together as a unit. Unfortunately, the rumours are that we will need to sell no matter what, so who will go and who will stay?

Jermain Defoe was brought to the club from Tottenham by Redknapp. Not only has he proven that he is an amazing striker, but now Spurs are in trouble, with only one slightly proven striker, and one unknown Russian striker on their books. It looks like Redknapp may well get his man again, and whether we gain a profit on Jermain-man depends on how much trouble we are in. Luckily for us, he stayed loyal to Spurs beforehand, so will perhaps stay loyal this time?

Lassana Diarra is undisputedly one of our best players, if not the best. He said weeks after he joined, that we were merely a stepping stone. Despite knowing this, many of the fans will hope that we have done enough to make Lassie rethink what he has said. There are rumours that Diarra is contracted to only leave for a top 5 club, but how true these rumours are, I have no idea. If this is the case, then hopefully Diarra will stay, as the only club who have made interest known are Spurs. This probably won’t be the case, and if he does go to a top 5 club, let`s hope its Hull…

Others, such as Crouch, James, Kranjcar and Johnson will also be in demand, so let’s hope whoever does take over will gain the players and fans trust, and we can keep hold of our players, and our future…
Written by jbaker.

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25 Replies to “What next for Portsmouth?”

  • What next for Portsmouth? good question bakes… worrying times ahead guys, we are clearly in a better position in the league but i worry that in the overall bigger picture things are worse with the club in a funny way – yet not funny ha ha way! – as players will go, they probably arent loyal to us, they were loyal to ‘him’ and he will show no loyalty, care or love for us as he will come back in january for players, and as he knows we need to sell he will look to do it for decent, yet the cheaper side of decent money.
    i am feeling so many emotions today, anad have throughout the night when i could not sleep – so much for the ‘i will have an early night and enjoy my extra hour’ thought when around 11.30ish came round last night…
    harry the turncoat has gone, we might have needed the money but he could have said no i want to stay, true colours and form shown by the man who has no morals – thanks for what you did but you have done us again, no morals is proven by the fact that he goes to a club that he slates the fans of just days ago…
    there are names out there, but even tho i dont really think he is ready i think we need to give it to adams and jordan, they know the players – they players respect them and will hopefully play for them as they did HR. the cockney ******** will be back in january to raid the players, lets hope we have a good time on the pitch between now and then and the ‘real fans’ who will stick together can pull us through… oh, and hopefully we can find someone to invest or we say bye bye to alot of players and potentially bye bye to the good times and a return to the dark days… come what may i will be there!

  • Good article jbakes.. I don’t think any of us saw it coming but it was brewing apparently for a couple of days.. As for Pompey now I think Diarra and Kranjcar were off in January anyway as we needed the money funnily I actually thought one or both might have gone to Spurs anyway… I’m not to convinced Defoe and Crouch will be out the door as they are too ‘new’ .. and both are on long contracts so if they do go we will get a good price. Johnson I worry about though. As for the manager I’m not sure what I think ,, but would like somebody who is english and can understand the passion in Pompey.. we are pretty unique… but I have it from a source this morning that it is Big Sams if he wants it. Like Rug though I’ll be there no matter what .. POMPEY TIL I DIE..

  • What next for Portsmouth? Adams and Jordan take us to sixth in the premiership and then: We are bought out by an Arab conglomerate who then employ Mourinhio to put together a fabulous side for us whilst our new stadium is being built in Horsea Island. Meanwhile Spurs get relegated and Harry gets the sack and goes to Newcastle where it happens all over again!

  • What next ? the players like defoe , crouch, diarra , kranjcar move on , pompey struggle for the remainder of the season. the 5million that spurs gave in compensation will seem like small change if relegation comes around . what really hacks me off is that the people at the top could have turned back to spurs and said no he`s not going , it all seemed to easy for spurs

  • I can see it now, January the 17th after the Spurs game when he’s been given stick all through the game. “i don’t understand it i brought them the best days of their lives and snatched it away again and is this is the thanks i get for it!”

  • Some of the players must be really, really fuming. It’s no secret that many of them came to Pompey as they wanted to play under Harry. It’s not just the fans that he’s p***ed off.

  • Let’s stop the doom and gloom and think positively. Our new Manager could tell the truth and be straight talking and that would be a great relief. “HR” spin that he moved in order to help Portsmouth financially is a disgrace and an insult to all Pompey fans. He moved for his own gratification.

    Pompey’s financial mess has existed since we started borrowing heavily and is nothing new and “HR” was fully aware. Players’ loyalties will be tested but, remember, “HR”‘s track record was far from good so I do not expect a mass exodus unless we have to have a “fire” sale.

    Let’s hold our heads up high; let’s see some players given the chance that they would never have had under “HR”‘s management. Let’s appoint a Manager we can all get behind and support with the usual Pompey fervour.

  • Agreed 007. Players are certainly going to think twice before signing for Redknapp what with his now proven track record for moving around. He’s not going to stick around at Spurs for long – I’m sure in a couple of months he’ll fancy having a spell at West Ham. Or you never know – if the new owners of Newcastle are rich enough and waft enough loot under his snout then he might was up in the north east.

  • I bet Nugent & Sean Davis are a happy …. Come on Matty Taylor stick one on your old boss from 40 yards… Supermatt.. Supermatt.. Supermatt.. Supermatt.. Super Matty Taylor !

  • So long as Tony and Joe stay for the time being I think we’ll be ok on the pitch. As with most fans though I worry about the players who are likely to leave in January. Big Sam wouldn’t be a bad appoinment, altough I don’t think his man management is as good as HR’s. We as loyal supporters just hav to get behind the team no matter what like we have always done. We’ve not played a game yet since HR has gone, so it’s far to soon to say it’s downhill from here, we could end up finishing 5th or 6th and gaining european football again. We should remain positive and let the boys do the business on the pitch. Unless there are rumours Alan Perrin is in the frame for the vacant mangers position, we should be happy we’re 7th in the league and playing european football. PLAY UP POMPEY

  • I would like to see Tony Adams have a shot at the job, give him a few months and see how it goes. Radio 5 are mooting Allardyce for the job – noooo!!!! I’m still in a state of shock as I didn’t find out till this morning, and I hope I’m not throwing my toys out the pram but I’m starting to tend towards the ‘Sasha out’ way of thinking. If he can’t afford any more to bankroll a successful premiership club, to the point where he has to ‘sell’ the manager and any player that he can – he should put the club up for sale properly. We’re obviously not getting the new training ground or stadium, and we obviously can’t believe a word that comes out of the club. I feel like such a mug for falling for the lies that he wasn’t going to move on from his ‘spiritual home’ blah blah. Whoever takes over Pompey – whoever it is, will have my full support.

  • 1. I dont think we have got £5m compo- just the defoe payment written off ,which eases the january burden of the net payment.
    2. Redknapp was gutted that a nailed on purchase of SWP didnt go through q,so MCFC nipped in. He couldn’t even manage to get Shorey from Reading. All because Sacha is Skint.
    3. Sacha is not the buisnessman he is made out to be, remember all the coffuffle about unpaid bills etc from his previous ventures into buisness that went tots up. Milan had to make excuses for him to the press etc.
    4. Dont even consider the likes of Gary Johnson or Young Fergusson because WE CANT PAY THEIR CLUBS COMPO. It will Be either Big Tony steps up, Big Sam comes in,or Sacha’s Mate, The Man in Back him self-thats not Johnny CASH although it is CASH we need, but AVRAM GRANT.
    5. If we do not have a buyer by January, its Goodgye to JAMES, DIARRA CROUCH DEFOE DISTAN, for certs and the championship.
    On that note. Thanks Harry, you took us to wembley 3 times in a season and won a major trophy, made us feel proud fto be POMPEY for while..However..
    I learnt along time ago never to believe a word that comes out of your mouth, or to take plenty of salt with it. the way you use all the first names of interviewers to jam them up and play that charasmatic charm card. Lets face it we were not PFC in the media we were HRFC. I m off to church now to say me prayers.

  • What comes next is a mass exodus of our players and a struggle against relagation, lets be realistic about this.

  • I can’t wait for his shock when he realises Pompey fans aren’t pleased.

    Should managers even be allowed to move between clubs during the season? Whether or not Harry had a choice in the matter, it seems preposterous that he could leave in the middle of season but players can’t do the same. Why should a club doing perfectly well in the league, albeit with money issues, have to suffer because another team, doing badly, has sacked their manager? You could argue that if manager transfers only happened during the transfer window, then we’d be relegated? But surely this is the only way teams can plan for a managers departure.

  • Heard HR on Solent this morning and he’s saying that Sacha is looking for a buyer, so much for the not for sale comments then. Truth is we need a cash infusion but 5 million is not enough and we’d have been better of with Harry’s wheeling and dealing. Please not Big Sam i want to watch a team that plays football not one that bores the opposition and fans into submission. I’d like to see Joe and Tony doing it as they can carry on with the sound basis we have, i’ve a sneaking feeling Avram Grant will get it though but lets face it he didn’t do anything wrong at Chelsea and i’d rather him than big sam.

  • Some goods points guys and gals.. For me whoever takes over just has to keep us in the prem… however we play…. I’m with Moley2 though let’s be positive .. Pompey FC is bigger than one bloke. Harry who 😉

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