Date: 14th August 2007 at 7:29pm
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The search for a new striker goes on for Pompey, but it won’t be Fredi Kanoute.

The Times is reporting that ‘Frederic Kanoute has extended his contract with SEVILLE by one year until 2110. The Mali Forward, who was wanted by Portsmouth this summer, has been given a pay rise. A release clause of £17million has been inserted into his new contract’.

Well that knocks on the head one of the longest transfer chases since Harry’s return.

There are two ways to look at this; either we didn’t seriously want Fredi, or this was a cunning ploy by the player and his agent, to get his ultimate demand… a pay rise!

Ultimately we couldn’t offer him European football, but we could offer him his other goal, MONEY. It seems that Seville have capitulated and given into his demands.

So with another one of our targets fallen by the wayside…Whom will be coming to Fratton?

Written by pentonpompey.

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20 Replies to “Well it won’t be Fredi”

  • on the face of it we dont but we are only an injury or suspension or 2 away from the bare bones… tbh i think we could manage until jan but it wouldnt hurt to get another striker – but only if he is a quality striker that is better than what we have! i quite like kanoute but tbh im not that worried we wont get him…

  • i never really liked the idea of him – yak, defoe, lita and even anelka were higher up my list, so no major loss – but we still need a signing.

  • Ummm tbh the second half team I saw play at Bournemouth (turn away now Vital Saints….oh hold on I’m the only one!!!!) looked excellent… they seemed to be soooo much in sinc (sorry spelling is rubbish) with each other, compared to the performance at Havant(so I’m told!!!!!)could pass the ball as well as make it look good can’t believe you need anyone else, you just need to get all 11 to live & breathe together & know how to play the game and I can’t imagine you need any additions, the signings Harry has made this summer should guarantee you a better finishing position than last season/ push for Europe ( but hey what do I know…even the Posh windows and conservatorys team thrashed our sorry bottoms last night) Play ‘at least’ Saints

  • sorry saint rug – are you a pompey fan that thought it woul be funny to call yourself “saint”rug, in order to rub it in more – you seem to actualy prefer us to the team you claim to support… but we do need another striker, as come the african cup of nations, we will only have benji and nugent, and if one gets injured…[slits throuat]

  • Always against the odds of getting FK. Not been in our thought process for while, so no surprise, but we do need a penalty box poacher. The supply is there.

  • We have been saying for the past couple of years or since Yak went to Boro we need a prolific scorer. I say bring him back. He is Premiership proven.

  • i have to say the latest prospect ofLita is the most appealing to me, although news from Bolton way is that HR is still trying to off load Matty taylor this time in part exchange for Anelka, whome will probably get goals but destroy the principal of team effort doing it. Defoe is seemingly done for, Kanoute cant, we dont have the stack for yak, seems to me Lita is neater…. sorry about that everyone

  • Oh good russ good!…Have to admit, i would LOVE to see Lita in a Pompey shirt. What with the supply being there, and possibly more this week with the capture of Spiderman from Mallorca. The potential for a striker is creamy

  • Sorry too disappoint carpet, she really is ‘Saint’ rug, dosen’t mean she can’t see class when she sees it!!…(she’ll kill me 4 that!!) She will see it again Saturday against Bolton. We’ve even got my brothers wife as a member this year, and she dosent support anyone…well didn’t!, it’s infectious 🙂

  • why does ‘arry seem so dead set on offloading people like matty? anelka is good but we would offload a potential england international for a fella that will prob only stick around for a year or so – matty wouldnt go to bolton anyway would he… lita is rapidly moving to the top of my wants list – it was defoe, but it wont happen will it. lita has the talent, has a yrs worth of experience to prove he can do it and can only get better. a fella that can score goals in the prem, is quite possibly going to play for england, young and would prob cost around £5m? its a no brainer isnt it…

  • the idea of loosing one of our hardest workers, to gain a lazy gy who may only get a few more goals, and will be a real negative factor in the club. DO NOT LOOSE MATTY!!!! (and get lita)

  • Reading announced today that they wouldn’t break the bank to keep there star players. That doesn’t send out the right signal’s to Lita. Get Ashdown or Nugent on the blower to call for there mate.

    The Future’s Bright
    The Future’s Blue & White.

  • The Taylor rumours surface every transfer window, one fact remains though, he is still here! ditto Gary O

  • Can’t get rid of Matt or GON, they are THE FUTURE of Pompey. Anelka…No thanks, i’ve said before, too much trouble,too short term, too petulant, too mercenary…..

  • i would not take kindly to ‘arry letting these 2 fellas go… yep, he is the boss but that would just be bloody stupib wouldnt it! nice little min rant there penton, anything esle to add 🙂

  • Yeah I have…those stupid bloody butterfly hand movements he makes when he scores!!!….i’d like to shove em somewhere Ha Ha

  • Lita would be great. Let Defoe play 5th fiddle at Spurs if that’s what he really wants. Whomever we get has to be ineligible for the African Nations Cup. Play Up Pompey & give Manyoo a South Coast Spanking !

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