Date: 17th March 2009 at 12:27pm
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To some people the Arsenal – Hull game in the FA cup tonight does not mean much, other than to those that are Hull or Arsenal fans…but to Pompey fans there should be a lot of interest in this…

Maybe my interest is greater as I have a real vested interest in it, in as much as I, and several others, already have tickets to go to the Hull game, which is scheduled for Saturday 4th April.

Should this quarter final not be decided tonight it will go to a replay, and a replay means this will take place on that Saturday – the day when we are meant to be travelling to Hull for yet another ‘crunch’ league game. This game would then be rearranged to the Tuesday 7th April I believe?

To be honest I do not really care who wins as long as someone does win tonight without the need of a replay – although that said my youngest brother is a Gooner fan so I guess I should root for them, there is also the thought that an Arsenal win opens up another place…nope lets not even go there!

Clearly the fact that I and 3 others travelling by car, along with another couple with train tickets booked, are all going to this game makes my motives slightly bias on wanting a result tonight as a rearranged fixture is likely to see most then have to miss out – not to mention lose money on train tickets booked! – but to be honest I genuinely feel that it will be in the best interests of Pompey to be playing this game on the Saturday.

Why is this you ask?

Well, it is not just to ensure that I, and my lot, can all make the game it is also to ensure that Pompey will have an even better following – something that will make a lot of difference, as we know all to well what our support is like! The travelling support, vocally even if not always numerically, is always fantastic regardless as to what is happening on the pitch, and this support will drive the team on. A Tuesday night game is going to make it much harder for people that would go on the Saturday to then attend, due to work commitments and the like.

Of course another factor is the one where we could well be stewing over a league position for several days! With other teams playing over that weekend it ‘could’ see us drop back into the drop zone – so with those extra days to fester over this the pressure and importance of the game grows even more, maybe pressure some could not cope with?

So, come on Arsenal…or Hull, either way just please let there be a winner tonight…


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