Date: 23rd April 2009 at 3:56pm
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With us now entering the final days of the competition to win a free ticket to the sold out Pompey v Arsenal game – in the Fratton End no less – next weekend this is your ‘final’ reminder to get yourself entered!

So, this is a reminder of what it is all about and what you have to do…


The latest Vital Pompey competition is giving you, yes you – or at the very least someone you know! – the chance to win a free ticket to the Pompey – Arsenal game in May. We are feeling mighty generous here at Vital Pompey Towers!

The competition!

To stand a chance of winning this ticket you will need a slice of luck, but before you need this luck you have to earn the right to be clutching that rabbits foot as you need to fulfil 2 different levels of criteria to even make the final draw – come on, you did not expect it to be a gimmie did ya…

  • Firstly, you must score 150pts or more in the members league between now and April 25th – by 6pm on Saturday 25th… 150pts in 24 days, that really is a peace of cake, if you really wanted to you could rack that up in a day!

  • Secondly, you have to look out for a series of questions. They could appear anywhere, at anytime on the Vital Pompey site… they could appear as a thread in ‘the forum‘ – this will never be within another thread, if in the forum it will be a new thread, in one of the ‘match preview’s‘ paultsmouth does, in one of Gino’s ‘Pompey Chimes‘ editions, maybe even a Dave’s ‘Toast‘, it could be that Chixy might even have one hidden away in something he produces, as might I in one of my daily articles, so you will have to keep coming back to find out these question, and then answer them!

    10 questions, all that could be easily answered with a little looking on t’internet, will be spread randomly over 25 days, so keep your eyes peeled. If/When you see the questions do not comment to answer them, please email on the link that you will be provided with, if you answer it for everyone to see you give someone else the chance of winning would could be yours!

    From these 10 questions, which will all be Pompey, Arsenal, or Pompey v Arsenal specifically related, I will need at least 7 correct answers for you to make draw. They will be easy trust me, if you do not know them looking them up on Google or Wikipedia should soon help you, hint, hint! So getting 10/10 should not be that hard…

  • Thirdly, and finally if you manage over 150pts, have got at least 7/10 correct answers with me your name will be put into a hat and the first randomly drawn name will be the winner of the free ticket to the Pompey – Arsenal game, currently scheduled for Saturday 2nd May, although this is quite ‘probably’ going to change, so do bare that in mind…

    What could I win?

    Did I not mention? Oh, just a free ticket for the Pompey v Arsenal game – you will not be sitting alone though let me add, it is organised so you will be sat with another member of this site, someone that I can vouch for as being a ‘sound’ person.

    Who can win?

    Anyone, bar myself, so long as you fulfil the criteria given and become the lucky first name at random drawn from those entered to win you will win – simples!

    How do I know if I win?

    I will contact you via private message – an email like feature, which you see in the forum – and via email to notify you by Sunday 26th April. If I have no reply within 48-hours then I will leave a comment in the competition thread to announce the winner so check back to this article a day or so after closing to check, better still check your inbox!

    Please Note!

    ‘If’ you already have a ticket to the game, you might be a season ticket holder already or have already purchased one for the ‘corresponding fixture’ that you have to to get one for this game you are free to pass this onto a friend or family member. However the winner must, and I mean must meet me in person at the Milton Arms prior to the game to collect the ticket, I will not be posting this onto the winner!

    No cash alternative will be offered, and the editor’s decision is final.

    If you are an overseas reader and you win, then obviously if you cannot make it over for the game this will have to be issued to someone else that can – if you cannot arrange this I will have to draw again. In the interests of fairness, and to ensure you did win something I would probably arrange a little something at my expense, as I am kind like that…

    So, to clarify this is not limited to UK only, but if you would not be able to get to Fratton for the game then I must again stress you either have to allocate the ticket to someone else, or I will, you will not be offered a cash alternative. This ticket has to be used by someone!

    There you go, you know what to do, so go do it, earn those 150pts or more by 25th April and look out for the 10 questions – they could start at anytime – and the winner could be you, or you could at least be winning for a friend or family member…


    If you are saving up all your answers to questions make sure they are with me by 6pm on Saturday 25th April, but also remember that you must accumulate 150pts, or more by the cut off point.

    All questions have now been published, and can be found within articles, no.4, no.7 and no.10 were in the forum, published since 2nd April, so you better get looking!

    To get you going though I would suggest you start here, look at the comments below the article itself and then follow the clues – hint, hint, it acts as a trail to follow…

    Right, I have virtually walked people through this at times guys, the response has been good, but to give yourself a shot of winning this ticket ensure that you get your answers with me by Saturday evening and accumulate your 150pts and you might be heading to Fratton over the next bank holiday weekend!

    Good luck.


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