Date: 25th January 2010 at 11:05am
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I think that we all know that entering onto the field of play is an offence that is not allowed, so not only will those that did this at the weekend be banned – maybe for several years – they will also be heavily fined!

Although it is ALSO the club that is most likely going to be fined – which, as we all know at this point in time is the last thing we need!

Police presence, which again means more cost, will also now increase on Tuesday as a result, as details issued on The Pompey Site explained, see below…


Message To Fans

Following the pitch incursions during Pompey’s 2-1 FA Cup victory over Sunderland at the weekend, Portsmouth Football Club would like to remind its supporters of the consequences of such action.

It is an arrestable offence to enter the field of play without lawful authority, and those convicted of doing so may also receive a football banning order in addition to the punishments decided by the courts.

Additionally, match officials are required to report any pitch encroachments to the Football Association, which can lead to either substantial fines and/or points deductions.

Pompey’s stadium manager and safety officer, Derek Stone, said: “We had two incidents that completely spoilt the day.

“The supporters’ pre-match protest was conducted in a sensible manner, only to be spoilt by the later actions of the five individuals who invaded the pitch.

“Unfortunately, these actions will serve only to hurt the club further.

“The FA will be investigating the weekend’s incidents, and will consider what disciplinary action may be taken against the club.

“Additionally, as a direct result of these incursions, the police category for Tuesday’s match against West Ham has been increased – this will incur additional costs to the club.

“We urge our supporters to get behind the team and the club on Tuesday, but please do so in a manner that will not hurt the club or the team.

“We know our fans are passionate about the team, but please ensure you comply with our ground regulations at all times.”

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