Date: 4th December 2007 at 1:36pm
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It’s Chix’s stats time again.

Last month I wrote an article called ‘Vital Pompey – On the Up’ – read more on that article here – which compared Vital Pompey to other clubs fans sites on the Vital Network.

I thought my ramblings would not necessarily be to everybody’s taste but working on the basis that at least some of you might be interested I carried on regardless.

Well it seems that not only have I sparked a bit of interest in the subject I seem to have inspired a number of you to contribute even more than you normally do (It’s probably not the case at all but I’m taking the credit 😉

So, in a bid to keep all those like-minded ‘Stato’s’ out there happy, here’s my analysis of how we (Vital Pompey) faired in November.

In October our amassed points total of ‘3588’ saw us just pip Blackpool to 8th place in the most contributed to site. In November, however, we added just under two thousand points to pull together an amazing ‘5516’ which means we sat proudly in 7th place – Not bad considering there are approx. 150 sites on the network.

The Top 10 Vital Club sites are as follows:

1 – Millwall – 18447pts
2 – Aston Villa – 16012pts
3 – Chelsea – 10900pts
4 – Spurs – 10546pts
5 – Sheffield Wednesday – 9721pts
6 – Arsenal – 5880pts
7 – Portsmouth – 5516pts
8 – Leeds – 4524pts
9 – Rotherham – 4459pts
10 – Blackpool – 4427pts

As you can see we have some way to go to topple the top two or three, but considering they each have nearly 400 members contributing to their site on a regular basis, I think we are doing pretty well.

… But, there’s more …

Once again our very own ‘Landlord Rug’ amassed our highest individual total with a crackin’ 1029 points nearly double what he did the previous month and moving him from 10th to 9th place in the individual rankings.

In October Carpet and I were ‘over the moon’ at finishing in the top 50 with respectable 40th and 22nd placings whereas Eastneydave and Storagematt were 72nd and 73rd overall.

November saw an even greater showing with Carpet & I creeping into the Top 20 at 16th & 15th as well as top 100 showings for ‘Gleamer’ (22nd), Eastneydave (38th), and ‘Owens’ (73rd)

Mention should also go to NinjaTim & Storagematt for amassing over 200 points and to paultsmouth, pompey4me, tracyc, pompeygray, linvoyforengland, Tantona & The Rabbi for being this months 100 club members.

Obviously, as ‘Toronto4Pompey’ mentioned last month its ‘quality’ not ‘quantity’ that counts and I for one completely agree, but I spend a lot of time on other clubs site researching my articles and it’s fair to say that the quality of what get published on this site and the discussions that occur in the forums is excellent – If we can maintain that there’s no telling were well go.

Finally, just to reiterate that everybody’s contribution is valued and valid and it really doesn’t matter if you just log on for a minute or two to the take part in the polls or the prediction league… but as I said last month, next time you do just spare a minute to say ‘hello’ in one of the many forums going on, you’re guaranteed a warm welcome and your post and the responses you receive will all collect points… which will help push Vital Pompey further up the Vital League…

I think that’s it except to say that in the unlikely event that I write this article for a third consecutive month, it’ll mean that I was up collecting statistics at 11:59pm on New Years Eve – should that happen I might need a good divorce lawyer…

I’ll be back with more stats in early February… Lucky You 🙂

Written by Chix.

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

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19 Replies to “Vital November – An Anoraks View”

  • another crackin’ read this and when you look at the growth made throughout november after octobers growth vital pompey really is on the up and up! more of the same in december hopefully… i think arsenal have over 2000 members but we closed to within less than 400pts of them didnt we. keep up the good work fellas, and keep contributing in the various ways you do 🙂

  • Nice one Chix. I’m certain if you really want the December stats someone at Vital will be able to provide them through the Landlord. I doubt they disappear into the ether.

  • im pretty sure that there is a new system being looked at so i would expect that we will be okay – so it looks as tho we wont have to wait until february after all 😉

  • whitestones, you made the top 10 vital pompey list last month didnt you mate – and you didnt even have a full month did you…

  • Is it a race or are we just posting, voting etc. when we have something to say? Joking the increased activity is all down to the landlord, we just pay the rent.

  • I seem to remember PompeyGray breaking the all time points record a few months back, and Fen100 who has disappeared, anyone else fancy a pop?

  • im wondering how is it that Millwall are the top team, I cant see them having more than 20 or so fans alltogether 😉

  • the reason the millwall site is ‘so big’ is because another forum – the biggest millwall forum there was around i think? – moved over to merge with vital millwall a few months back… they have a massive amount of fans on that forum and get a phenominal amount of traffic visit there site… quite why they still have so many i dont know tho 🙂

  • 3660pts! bloody hell that is some effort, but surely fen must have been posting througout vital football as a whole? in fairness i think that the vast majority of pts that most of us gain are on vital pompey alone… if i had the time i would challenge that record, but as much time as i do spend on here i wouldnt be able to justify it floating around the whole network…

  • Et_Tu – Your comments brought a wry smile..nice one.
    Storage – I completely agree mate but unless yu knw of a good babysitter it looks like I’m stuck here for a while.. at least I’ve got an excuse though 🙂 Rug – as I said in the article the balancing between quality and quanity is as important as anything else.. but looking around we do offer the best of both worlds – Keep t up fellas I don’t want the Anorak to get dusty..PUP

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