Date: 3rd September 2008 at 7:09pm
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I try not to knock Pompey, I hate doing this, as I love the club more than most other things in this world – and I think this is pretty clear, but at times you just have to…

Whilst in the previous article when the 6pm kick off was first announced I have looked to lay the blame for this mostly at the door of the TV companies and uefa, lets be honest Portsmouth Football Club have shown us, the fans that always have and always will be followers of the club we love – even if we are priced out – such a lack of respect here and shown that money means more to them here than we do now!

In the dark days – the most recent dark days – a decade or so ago we were always there, we were always told how much we were appreciated, we collected money for the club to save it from extinction and kept going regardless – I know I did and I went all over the country watching us… this was respected and we were told how important we were, we believed this as we knew it was true – when told this now do we still believe it as much?

You just have to think about this, the first ever European tie in our 110-year history, which is something the vast majority of us never thought we would see is something that should see us rewarded for this loyalty. Yep, £20 per ticket is good – it is just a shame that Ticketmaster will look to shaft us out of ‘booking fees’ and so on – so for that I take my hat off, but by taking the money and running, which is in essence what we have done here we have almost said ‘well sod you, you might have been here all your life but if you cannot make it at 6pm ah well never mind the money means more to us than this and someone else probably will’…

Had this not been that first ever game, or even been abroad it would be an easier pill to swallow, or accept but being in England would it really have hurt Pompey to have said, you know what we need the money but the best fans in the world deserve more, and deserve a fighting chance to be able to get to this game, which a 7.45pm or 8pm kick off would have given – 6pm makes it increasingly difficult for so many.

It’s not like all bosses will allow you to leave early will they so you ‘might’ miss out – luckily I am ok, but I think of others and not just myself and I know they might not be so fortunate!

At this moment in time I am left thinking Portsmouth Football Club really does not care about the fans anymore, and money means much more to them than we do – did we ever think that when this club was dying? Do most of us still think that way despite the extortionate costs of following the club we love?


Yep, TV and uefa must hang there heads in shame but so too must Portsmouth Football Club – we have sold out and screwed over fans that deserve to be at this prestigious event, but might not be able to now at what basically amounts to greed!

Also, these ‘supporters club groups’ that act on our behalf? Who the hell are these people?

They acted on our behalf on the ‘we will wear all blue’ this season issue – I have never come across a Pompey fan that would willingly want us to wear all blue from our traditional blue, white and red – these same people seem to believe that as fans we would mostly be happy with a 6pm kick off! Are these people really acting with the best interests of the fans at heart?

I think not!

These ‘supporters club groups’ repetitives that act for us need to also take a look at themselves and ask ‘do they really do what is best for us’ – yep you will not please everyone all of the time, but some of the things they agree to are bizarre to say the least…


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