Date: 5th January 2013 at 10:56am
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An article from Pompeytim about the moving away from the Eastleigh training facilities to…ahem, training at Fratton Park!

So we’re cutting costs (presumably to be able to overpay useless players like Howard) & leaving a proper training ground at Eastleigh, to come & train on the pitch at Fratton Park.

The playing surface is going to be shocking.

“We’ve got to train in Portsmouth” – Why? Train where the best facilities are.

I guess if we can’t afford Eastleigh, we can’t. But this is a major step backwards to have to train on the pitch.

Let’s hope they organise a local alternative very quickly.

Depressing times.

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4 Replies to “Training at Fratton Park???”

  • as if things werent bad enough (and degrading enough) as it was we now have this…
    if only the money (the money we spunked away) over the years had been spent on the training facilities and moving stadium/redeveloping fratton instead of lining the pockets of the mercenaries that have ‘represented us’ – easy to say now tho of course!
    certainly is depressing isnt it tim…

  • When was the last time we trained on the pitch and had no other facilities? I can’t believe it isn’t a very long time ago.

  • Someone had to subsidize TB’s turkey! I keep asking what are his fees and where are they in relation to the PST budget but ho – hum I’m still to get a response but hey why should they tell Pompey fans. As the article says next the pitch will be unplayable and we will get fined for that. Can someone pass TB his plum pudding – oh- and font forget the silver spoon !

  • was gonna past something long but that bloody 365 article has *****ed me off – We won the League when we trained at Fratton Park .. NEEDS MUST FFS – GET OVER IT … Pompey forums are becoming more depressing than the situation itself … FFS Cheer up at least we have a club to support .. atm at least

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