Date: 7th September 2011 at 2:31pm
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Today, when talking in The News, David Lampitt conceded that PFC had made a mistake with ticketing pricing for this season – although he also said that this was down to the previous owners and it meant that PFC had to ‘work with it’…

Clearly attendances have dropped this season, but in spite of the increases in prices this season a ‘decent’ amount are still attending games: ‘I am not saying we are satisfied with the current situation.

‘Given all the factors coming into play and the wider economic climate, we recognise prices have gone up.

‘The fans, though, still watch the team in great numbers. That is testament to their tremendous support.

‘We will also continue to look for ways for our supporters to come to the matches to support the team.’

Whilst it is not ‘100% certain’ it would appear that a rethink on prices ahead of next season will be made, which I think is needed.

The division we play in ‘could’ influence things but changes ‘seem’ as they will be made: ‘and I think the pricing structure will be different next season.

‘At the moment we are not in a position where we can decide what that will be exactly. It is just too early to say right now.

‘We do not know where we are going to be first of all in terms of which league.

‘But we want to attract more supporters to games and we have to make sure they get the best-value tickets possible.’

You could argue why not make changes now?

Given the fact that season ticket holders, which I am one of, have already paid he feels that changing the structure too much would be ‘incredibly difficult’ to ‘retrospectively change’ now…

Hmm, I am not so sure on that – refunds can be offered on tickets so quite why a percentage could not be refunded on what has already been paid for season tickets is a mystery.

At the end of the day though I was ‘happy’ paying what I paid, if I was not I would not have paid it – simples, so I cannot look back and ‘complain’ too much.

I know it might not be a popular opinion among some but if it helps get people through the gates then doing something to lower match day tickets form here on in is something I will accept.

Yep, I know season ticket holders’ ‘loyalty’ is not rewarded but we got these as we wanted them, we paid what was asked as we were happy to do so – I would ‘hope’ that next season will see these reduced as such, even if they only do this for season ticket holders that renew having held them this season?

Less, quite often means more, so lower prices will more often than not mean more people through the gates, although a ‘winning team’ will most likely see more people turn up regardless as to how much it costs! In many ways it is a doubled-edged sword for PFC.

I would welcome ticket price changes, well now, but if it has to be next season then fine. ‘If’ we do see this it would be yet another positive move from CSI, who I think have made some good steps forward since they gained ownership of PFC.


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