Date: 8th February 2010 at 4:11pm
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This week is the week that will shape our existence so it is quite literally the most important week in our history. If all goes against us, again quite literally, Portsmouth Football Club could become history!

Our fate is in the hands of Balram Chainrai and Peter Storrie I would guess, along with others, including, from the looks of it, even though I thought he would have been moved on by now, Mark Jacob? Storrie VERY MUCH played a major role in getting us into this mess so he, ‘the innocent victim’ – as he portrays it, owes us one to help try and get us out of it.

His latest pleas ‘for time’ may well fall on death ears as the HMRC’s view could be we have had enough time?

Ok, it is fair to say that they, and other creditors, will get ‘nothing’ if we get wound up, but it is also fair to say that we, well they (the ones running us) have known that this was coming so they should be sorting it out, arguably not pleading for more time.

I am sure that they, HMRC, do not want to win wind us up but could quite easily send us into admin and that is as good as liquidating us really, right?

Storrie and Jacob ‘claim’ that we have ‘2 or 3 interested parties/groups’ – given their track record with things that would happened compared to things that have happened I would not be convinced by this but we can only hope that this is the case and we can earn a stay of execution before one of these ‘would be saviours’ turns up…

I would ‘hope’, I will not say expect as it would be wrong to ‘expect’ anything, that HMRC will give us this time to pay off this debt – remember that Notts County were given 28-days to do this, so I would ‘hope’ we get at least the same, then again our debt is 10 times more than the one they had!

We are VERY MUCH living in hope now, so we MUST keep fingers firmly crossed this week and hope that what needs to happen can happen…


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