Date: 14th March 2008 at 3:36pm
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Clearly, every man, woman and their dog wants a ticket for the semi final – some are jumping on the bandwagon, but most want to go because they basically ‘deserve’ to be there – but those deserving of tickets are the ones that I most hope get tickets, this is where help might be needed if possible… and this is why I am trying to call in as much help as I can!

Without doubt first of all we have to sort ourselves out first, and most of us will be able to do this no problem – season ticket holders without doubt, I should be fine as I have my Old Trafford ticket stub, and this is being dealt with, so I’m a fair way towards being completely relaxed about having my ticket, which although I might not be a season ticket holder anymore, due to finances, I once was and from my own viewpoint travelling from Devon to as many games as I can nowadays, and in the late 90’s and early 2000’s doing this week in week out home and away to watch the rubbish that I did makes me feel I am one of those ‘entitled’ to a ticket – but hundreds of thousands of us can rightly say the same! As I say, all being well I am sorted now, fingers crossed followed by a phew – when I have this ticket in my hand…

My plea is that we make sure people who ‘should’ go, will go, so once we have sorted out ourselves, and obviously if we can some friends and family, and maybe their friends and family if ANY of you can still get hold of any tickets, and do not then have anyone specific in mind please contract me as I am a ‘go to man’ for many people, and I can make sure they go to those that deserve them – I too have friends and family that want tickets, and they in term, so any available tickets you have, or could well have please do take them up, as people will want them – lets make this a real community event and make sure deserving cases get them.

People that know me know I love Pompey – I do this very Vital Pompey site out of my love for the club, granted I might get ‘a little bit’ but this is ploughed straight back into the site, or to Portsmouth Football Club – and I am a stand up honest bloke, who only wants what is best for everyone, so I can be trusted to make sure tickets would go to those who deserve them and most importantly at face value – not inflated at all, several of you know my views on ‘scum’, which is what they are, who will do this, I will be on the phone to the club right away if I see them being sold by those ‘so called fans’ that wanted tickets.

So, again I implore you if you can get any tickets, if you have clearly sorted out yourself and anyone else that you need to let me be the first one you come to, as I will ensure that with your help people who ‘should’ then get a ticket that might not have ‘will’ get a ticket…



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