Date: 25th May 2008 at 10:03am
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There. I’ve said it. Nigel Quashie will forever be remembered by the Fratton Park faithful.

All through this season, and even in the famous Wembley during the F.A. Cup final itself, his name was heard being chanted from the terraces!

Is Nigel aware? Does he even want to know?

Probably not to be honest.

I’m not certain when this chant originally started up among the fans (can anyone advise on that??), but the first time I can remember using it myself was up at Old Trafford for an FA Cup match in the unforgettable promotion season. Ah, I remember it fondly……

‘Quashie’s through….he’s one on one with the keeper….surely!!’

Of course, rather than take the traditional route of making a name for himself by rippling the back of the net, Quashie decided to aim the ball at the Pompey contingent above the corner flag…..and yes, many people will never forget you for that clumsy effort alone.

I’m well aware that there were countless other frustrating efforts from Nigel that rocketed over the bar during his tenure with us (and dare I say it maybe as many as two that went into the net in style), but for me that one took the biscuit.

So there you have it Nigel….if you ever feel the compunction to tune in to Sky Sports to fondly watch your former club playing, and should happen to hear your name being chanted from the terraces (trust me, you’ll hear it in nearly every game we play), feel free to wipe away that nostalgic tear from your eye…..

On a worrying final note, is it just me, or does anyone else feel that Bouba Diop has been showing signs of trying to fill in this role? I can remember quite a few mighty efforts from the big fella that have gone wayward/50 foot over the bar!!

Written by Tantona.

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13 Replies to “The (in)famous Nigel Quashie!”

  • In the Xmas party special Diop was given the Quashie book on shooting and he obviously read it from cover to cover. Quashie main problem was (is) he is right footed but wanted to prove he was two footed and spent as much time as he could passing of shooting with his left foot to disastrous effect. Great stuff Tantona.

  • I think we will be still singing it when some fans will be to young to know who he was.

  • I’m guessing there were a few JCL’s just this season who were scratching their heads and asking who he was!

  • good read Tantona – i wonder who will be getting the ‘quashie’ treatment most of all next season? early money would have to be on diop, altho i have this feeling he wont play nearly half as much as he did this season…

  • Tantona, as a so-called JCL you are absolutely right, I don’t know who Nigel Quashie is. But Steve Wigley lived with us for 6 months, I looked after John Beresford and I went to Martin Kuhl’s wedding. So there!

  • Its the next day now and I’m not feeling so tetchy. Sorry about the above, but I get hacked off with all this JCL nonsense. There are many reasons why people do not or could not go to football matches, and I don’t want to bore anyone here with my circumstances. I don’t come from a footballing family, never been to a match before this season and didn’t even know how or where tobuy a ticket from. I don’t know much about football, but I do understand that if Pompey is to move forward, they need a new stadium and a new stadium will have to be filled. Alienating new comers by calling them Johnny come latelys etc., really is not going to fill that stadium.

  • thee will always be new supporters, and we need them – the ones that wind me up are the ones that could go to games but cant be arsed unless it is a ‘big club’ we are playing, or the ones that didnt give a toss about us when we were crap, they have just jumped on the bandwagon now ‘we are good’… as said fans have to start somewhere dont they so in all honesty is there a place for the ‘johnny come lately’ tag – we have all been this at some point havent we…

  • Gandor don’t worry I’m sure Tatona was aiming this at the FA cup jcl’s but I do agree we need to attract new supporters for the new stadium.

  • Yep, not having a dig at new supporters, just the ‘glory boys’…ie those who are suddenly our biggest supporters when we’re doing well, and are mysteriously nowhere to seen when it all starts going pear shaped. I’ve known people to go through this cycle for years!

  • I really do sympathise with you but unfortunately the game today has changed. Its not as if we have any homegrown talent here (well the ticket office girls, I suppose). All our players are bought in and are here because of money or regular football or the right step for their career. They will go when it suits them. When Harry turned Newcastle down and gave his reasons, loyalty to Portsmouth was not top of his list, it was his family – and why not? Even Sasha Gaydamak has recently said that whilst he wasn’t selling Pompey as per rumour, everything has its price…. PCC are not exactly helping with the vagaries of a new stadium, even tho they will be very pleased with the extra revenue generated. Where is the basis for loyalty in all of this? I imagine a lot of people think it has cost me £41.00 to get in here today, that is a tenth of my wages after tax, why should I stand here freezing my gongos off, watching players earning £41.00 every fifteen minutes and its rubbish. I go to the football cos I love the atmosphere, I like the singing and chanting, I’m learning what is good and what is bad football and I’m caught up in it all, whether I’ll be loyal, at the moment, I can’t tell. But I am sure there must be a lot of people around who just go for the football, and if the football is rubbish then they don’t want to know.

  • The day Quashie sold his soul to play for the scum was bad enough but then he traded his England youth & B caps & went all Jockish. Traitor, to the Tower.

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