Date: 24th January 2010 at 11:04am
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To be honest there is not a great deal of paper talk today, well besides the usual stuff, and basically papers ‘mostly’ covering the same thing…

The Guardian ‘claims’ that: ‘Portsmouth expect their transfer embargo to be lifted tomorrow morning after sources at the club claimed Udinese had agreed to the rescheduling of the balance of around £3.6m still owed for the transfer of Sulley Muntari in 2007.’

So, allegedly, ‘regular payments of around ?525,000’ have been agreed with Udinese, who were ‘said’ to be the only club that we had to ‘negotiate with’ in order to get this embargo lifted?

Being able to REGISTER – more on the registering of players later – freebies and/or loanees is all we need; if we can do this we can at least have ‘some chance’ of at least getting a game on!

As always though I will believe this if/when it happens…

Whereas The News of the World is somewhat more ‘depressing’ with their thoughts!

It is nearly that time of the month again, the time of the month where people are meant to be rubbing their hands together with glee as it is ‘pay day’, although every time this comes round the players, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, the clubs staff fear this not going through!

The next payment, getting on for £2m for the players alone, is ‘due’ on Friday – ‘if’ this does not go through on time this time then ‘a top star’ is ‘claimed’ to have said: ‘I am not prepared to lie for the club any more. From next week I tell the truth.’

Although it could get worse, the players ‘could’ stage a ‘mass walkout’ if payment does not go through.

And it ‘seems’ by law they would have the right to do this – offering ’14 days’ notice to quit Fratton Park’ they would then walk away for nothing yet ‘the Premier League could give special dispensation to allow the players to sign for rival clubs.’

I am not sure if this is the same ‘top star’ but the report also goes on to quote the ‘Portsmouth source’ as saying: ‘the players are running out of patience. The wages are due to be paid on Friday but nobody is expecting them to arrive on time.

‘The players are very unhappy and the club can expect a backlash if they are not paid.’



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