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Normally we kick off Toast with a look back at yesterday’s game but sadly I have had to write this in advance of the game and have no idea of the outcome.
Well for Dave’s benefit, I said I would fill in here, but what was there to say? 0-0 and bloody awful!!

Just to clear up one point spotted by keen readers. Yes I have had trouble with the numbering of Toast recently but this is definitely Season 3 number 11 and that makes 91 editions in total.

Press off

Well the press have had another week on the backs of Pompey. Peter Storrie’s problems, the alleged Saudi press interview with AAF and no real credit given to the team after last Saturday’s impressive performance against Spurs. More column inches were given to the Tottenham manager’s reaction to events than the game and just how lucky Spurs were.

Will we ever get the media to play fair with us?

A game for the stiffs

For the uninitiated a dictionary definition tells us
stiffs – in soccer, a reserve or second-string team or its players; a league, figurative or real, of such teams – thanks to for that.

Well we do not see much of that happening these days. Jamie O’Hara’s attitude last week was a credit to him but why are more players not in the side on a Saturday featuring in the midweek reserve game. This is not something unique to Pompey of course, many clubs second out their stiffs with a few fringe players and a bunch of kids. The bigger the club the better the kids generally.

The problem is there is no competition for teams once they pass through the Academy and join what at Pompey is called the Emerging squad. They have to play for the reserves to get any serious action. What is the answer? How about a Premier League Under 21 competition?


Internet browsers around the world use Wikipedia as a source of information on all sorts of subjects. The site was set up by Jimmy Wales and others back in 2001 and is a free, open-content encyclopedia. Anyone can write anything they like on the site and it should be used to very carefully.

Last week Aruna Dindane’s page had been amended to read ‘plays for Portsmouth, apparently as a striker. He is well known for missing absolute sitters’. Thanks to VP member powered by pies for correcting the error.

The American version

Over on the forum some have noticed that Gandor has chosen the following to be her thread footer – ‘Anyone can support a team that is winning – it takes no courage. But to stand behind a team, to defend a team when it is down and really needs you, that takes a lot of courage.– Bart Starr’

Now I know a lot of people would agree with that but who is Bart Starr I have been asked. Well Bart Starr was the Quarterback for the Green Bay Packers when they won Superbowls I and II back in the late sixties. The Bart Starr award is given to the NFL player showing most character during the season.

In the far north

We were all sad to see Middlesbrough boss Gareth Southgate fall on his sword this week after three years in charge. Gareth was one of the nice men in the game and we hope he is back in the game soon.

One fact he did spot at the Riverside this week was old mate Gary O`Neil’s shirt number. This season he is carrying the number twenty nine around the pitch where last season it was number four. Toast expects that is due to the fact that the club thought he would leave before the season commenced – but where to?

Pompey til I die

Regular VP members will have read all about the new book Pompey til I die. The blurb tells us ‘Portsmouth Football Club, in partnership with the National Literacy Trust and Legends Publishing, have produced a new book which is about to go to press, ‘Portsmouth ‘Til I Die’ will reflect the memories and experiences of supporters both young and old. Players and managers may come and go, but it is the fans who give the permanent character to a club like Portsmouth. And so as a celebration of the fans, this book will reveal the fun, the absurd, the emotional, the peculiar or unbelievable that is part and parcel of following Pompey’.

That was a month or so ago and next Saturday 31st October the book will launch. Well the good news is that at least three Vital Pompey members including yours truly have been invited to the official launch at the clubs Study Centre in Rodney Road.

The book I am told is not fifty fans writing their stories of 17th May 2008 but over a variety of eras but even if I knew there would be no telling.

Go and buy it at only £10 it will make a great Christmas present for any Pompey fan who wants to read the recollections of supporters of all ages in their own words. I feel a competition coming on Rug!!

Beach balls

Last week we asked Pompey`s chief steward if when he briefs the referee before the game he pops the question ‘are you fit enough to run this game?’. Much to our surprise he did!! Phil Dowd was most indignant and proceeded to try and win some points back off the club official. The Toast team of course are being blamed for the ensuing barney.

Next time I have asked him to check the referee knows the rules especially with the proximity of Southsea Beach!!

Well you never know he might not know them all.


Not too many this week but a few speedy wide boys.

25th October

Deon Burton is 33 – scorer of several crucial goals and is still banging them in for Charlton Athletic.

Ivor Evans is 76

26th October

Keith Viney is 52 – John McLaughlin was Keith Viney`s full back partner for three seasons.

Garth Hudson is 86

27th October

Jhon Viafara is 31 – now back playing for Once Caldas in Colombia after four seasons on the south coast. Columbian born midfielder came with a big reputation which he never fulfilled; plenty of Columbian shirts around the City too.

Roger Davidson is 61

28th October

Milan Baros is 28.

Dejan Stefanovic is 35

Stuart Doling is 37

29th October

Joel Ward is 20.

Leigh Barnard is 51

Andy Stewart is 53

John McLaughlin is 55 – Not to be confused with a player of the same name who played a few games on loan from Liverpool in the mid 70`s. John McLaughlin was Keith Viney`s full back partner for three seasons.

Alex Wilson is 76

30th October

Mark Summerbell is 33.

Guy Butters is 40

Colin Clarke is 47

Nicky Morgan is 50

Jimmy Clugston is 76 – 20 March 1957 was the day that Irishman Jim played his only game for Pompey. The game was at Luton’s Kenilworth Road and the attendance was the smallest to watch Pompey that season.

31st October

Ricardo Fuller is 30.

Maitland Pollock is 57 – ‘super striker’ came from Luton and partnered Dave Kemp up front. Managed ten goals in nearly sixty games before joining his native Queen of the South in 1978. Dumfries born Matt played a further twenty six games for his home town club netting just the once. For the uninitiated Queen of the South is based in Dumfries.

See you all next week.


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