Date: 2nd June 2012 at 11:46am
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To be honest with you I am so used to Portsmouth Football Club being ‘screwed over’ little surprises me these days with most things almost ‘accepted as the norm!’

I do not want Balram Chainrai to return as owner as I fear what he will do to this club, or more to the point what will be left once he has minimised his losses – ok, to be fair he is a business man and that is his prerogative, I get that he is not a charity as people have pointed out in the forum. No matter what anyone tells me I will not see his impending return as a ‘good thing’ and for this to be preferred to a fans owned model by so many leaves me speechless…

Then again I do not think anymore, or less, of him than any of the other owners that have screwed us over in recent times.

I thought pretty highly of David Lampitt during his time at Fratton though and believed what he told us, although it would appear that he was just like any other CEO and would basically say whatever they thought we would want to hear and would not be averse to ‘bending the truth’.

Revelations that he, and a couple of other former directors, are looking to safeguard money via the ‘secured football creditors’ rule does annoy me a little but was this not inevitable?

Then we have Tal Ben-Haim – looking for £2m – and Kanu – some £300,000 – after hefty pay-offs for their remaining year of their contracts in order for them to leave.

All the while football is able to safeguard itself, virtually in its entirety under a law unto itself, those that can will milk their current, or former as it sometimes is, employer for all they can…

It annoys me that these people can do this but on the other hand these contracts, on whatever terms they were signed, were dished out so they are only looking for what they are entitled to.

As long as that rule, the football creditors one, remains in place these people are legally entitled to this money so you have to say that they are not claiming anything less than they are technically due.

With a club on its knees and facing possible extinction it does, of course, leave a sour taste though! Where is the integrity or compassion eh?

Then again, like I say, like it or not these people are ‘entitled’ to this money.

Although with it claimed, in the cases of TBH and King Kanu (who in particular I do not think is doing much to preserve his legacy with the club in all honesty), ‘lucrative moves’ awaited them (I guess not!) you would have hoped that some decency would have been shown with a compromise met – are they mercenaries or just holding out for what is rightfully theirs, well this I guess depends on what side of the fence you are viewing this from…

The football creditors security rule is a total farce and should be amended, although with challenges failing this is unlikely anytime soon.

What right do, in many cases, the multimillionaire football personalities have to be secured their money over the hard working, often struggling joe public that stands to loose literally everything they have if they are not paid, or paid just peanuts, once a football club fails to pay them their dues…


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