Date: 5th December 2009 at 8:09am
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Peter Storrie told sky sports last night, quite why this was not said to The Pompey Site I do not know, that wages have been paid and refinancing is ‘going well’, all in all the same old same old I guess.

Quite how we paid the money who knows, another loan – so does this just increase our debt…

Sorry to quote a whole bunch of these sky quotes but this is what he said: ‘I’m pleased to say that through the funds we had in the bank this morning (Friday) we managed to get 25 per cent out first thing and then this afternoon Ali and his advisors sorted out the small problem there was. It is now done and the players have been paid in full, I’m pleased to say.

‘Also, on top of that, it is my understanding that the refinancing they have been putting together, because there is a lot of debt they have had to deal with, is actually going very well now and they want a bit of understanding from the fans.

‘They had a big debt to deal with, and have put a lot of money in already, and the new refinancing is very close now.

‘It’s a difficult market in the financial world and obviously they took the club over with little or no due diligence, after the situation with Sulaiman (al Fahim), and there were a lot of debts there. Because Sulaiman was unable to put any money in for a couple of months there were a couple of months there where no money had been paid, so they had a lot to deal with and sort out.

‘I reiterate that they have put in a considerable amount of money already and this refinancing arm looks as though it is all coming together. The first stage of that is that the players have been paid this afternoon.’

As he continued he also again spoke about the ‘refinancing arm’ that is getting things in order that will ‘allow us to bring everything up to date and then the embargo, we hope, will be lifted well in time for January,’ with Avram Grant already ‘making plans’ as to what he wants to do. He also stressed that Ali Al Faraj, and his team, are working very hard to sort thing out with the need for ‘fans to be a bit patient’ stressed again.

Well I say that IF the club were more honest and open with us it would sure as hell help – tell us, although I think it is pretty clear, that we are in big trouble and people can and will be more ‘understanding’, which we are anyway!

Although, and pardon my French, I am not best pleased at all with some comments – is he taking the piss or what?

His asking for ‘patience’ and ‘understanding’ is amazing, and not in a good way!

I think the club would be hard pushed to find another set of fans that WOULD continue to be as loyal to the club as the hardcore has been throughout this shambles so he, and the others running this club, would do well to bloody well remember that!


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