Date: 2nd February 2008 at 10:21am
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I’m sure I’m not the only Pompey fan that was more than a little upset that Benjani was suddenly sent packing at the transfer deadline.

However, while it’s true that EPL football is above all a business, the Premier League’s refusal to make a final decision today as to whether his transfer is either valid or void is completely bush league. Without claiming to understand the porous details of what legally makes a transfer valid or invalid, it seems to me that the whole point of having a deadline for transfers is that it be respected. If documents A, B, & C need be signed sealed and delivered before midnight in order for a transfer to be valid, then anything less than A, B, & C, should logically mean that the transfer is voided.

Why should it take “until some time next week” for everyone to know where they stand? The only possible reason is that Premier League officials plan to use a criteria for examining the deal that is extraordinary and that exposes the entire process to scrutiny and scepticism.

What hangs in the balance until then are potentially crucial points which could be gained/lost by either Pompey or Man City in their drives for European spots. More importantly, a Zimbabwean football player who has sincerely given his all to his team and their fans since arriving in England is left in a humiliating purgatory.

If the EPL says no to the transfer next week, he will have to come back to a club and manager who have made it clear that he is considered expendable. If the deal goes ahead, then he will question as to whether the club he is to play for really wanted him after all.

Would the Premier League head office have humiliated a high profile English player, say an Ashley Cole or Frank Lampard in such a cruel and demeaning manner by leaving him so hanging? I sincerely doubt it.

There are many who need to apologize to Benjani for this incident, for the good of the English game, yet I doubt any of the suits will be gracious enough to do so, so I’ll apologize to him on behalf of all of the Fratton faithful who admire and respect him as one of us. Thanks a bunch Benji and you’ll always get a cheer from us, whomever you play for.

Written by Toronto4Pomey.

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16 Replies to ““Rules Is Rules”… Or Is They?”

  • The reason why it’s not so clear is because Portsmouth are arguing that City tried to unlawfully sabotage the deal as they got cold feet. Therefore it wouldn’t be fair to void the deal for us.

  • this whole situation is a farce now, surely it must be simple a deal didnt go through, man city said it didnt go through – it appears now that we are ‘desperate’ for this to go through – so i think we are probably pushing for this more than citeh… benji’s heart isnt in the move, i think that he didnt want this and as others have said – with ChrisW writing something in the forum today – i think citeh picked up on this… we seem prepared to screw players other, yep its a ‘business’ now but im detesting the ‘cut throat’ world it has become… should the premier league sanction a ruling that now allows him to go, then they are basically ‘making up the rules as they go along’ there is not point having a ‘deadline’ if it isnt kept, it makes a mockery of th system that was ‘meant’ to be for the good of the game… ‘if’ the deal falls through, i fear for benji as it’ll be hard for him to look at ‘arry with the trust that he did, this could also backfire on others, as who would have thought this time a few days ago we would have even concidered selling benji?

  • but at the same time if benji doesnt want to go how is it fair on him to make him – citeh clearly picked up on the fact he ‘didnt’ want to go?

  • Terrific article, Toronto4Pomey, and I agree with all you’ve said. For personal and football reasons, I hope he stays with us which will enable us to show how we feel about him and his continued employment at Fratton Park. Deals have been ‘scuppered’ in the past due to the midnight deadline I wonder why the Premier league is risking creating a precedent over this transfer. It was said that Manchester Citeh had got cold feet, so is this Pompey pushing and Man C resisting or both after the same same result, I wonder.

  • i would like to hope that we are both pushing for the same result… what i think that result is is one that sees benji stay here – both sides want this, but i think if truth be known the feeling i am getting is that we are pushing for it to go through citeh are pushing for it not…

  • Long live Benjani. I was aghast at the news that he was off to City. If there’s one man

    who’s given his all for the club it’s Benji. It just goes to show that EPL is no more

    than a buisness trade off today, money rules. I fear for the cohesiveness of the team

    after this debacle and truly hope that Benji will stay and score another twelve goals

    for us. Right behind you Benji, let’s get back to what a team and club should really be

    about. Nieve i know but forever in hope. Play up Pompey..

  • thats what most of us have built our pompey following lives on itsnt it cornypomp ‘hope’, so we cannot lose this whatever can we i guess… welcome to vital pompey too mate, good to have you here.

  • The hard facts are, that our most popular player and top goal scorer, who a few days ago was stating his future loyalty to our great club, was forced against his will to join Manchter City. The man responsible for this disgusting state of affairs is one HARRY REDKNAPP. Who with this one action has destroyed all team spiret and the total well-being of Pompey Football Club.

  • Don’t be niave 007. Given a bit of time Defoe will prove to be a brilliant but. Take sentiment out of argument. Benji has 2 & a bit years to go, at 29 he at his peak. in business terms £8-9m for Benji is a fantastic bit of business for the club. So he is our top goal scorer but we can live without it. HR was told buy 1 sell 1. There is no destroying of team spirit or moral, these are hardened footballers, very use to the coming & goings of team mates.

  • Thnks guys. Whizz, I didn’t read the bit about citeh trying to sabotage the deal until after I wrote the above. I just feel the EPL has handled the whole thing without an ounce of class and made an ugly situation grotesque. There are good arguments either way to have not let him go in the first place, but to humiliate him by not dealing with the matter right away is atrocious.

  • For the Premier league to sanction the deal now eould surely destroy any credibility that they have. If as seems MCFC reneged on an agreement to buy him he should return to Pompey and city should pay compensation to Pompey.

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