Date: 11th October 2009 at 8:32am
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What is this more rubbish? It is stuff on James, more about administration and more about our former manager…Why can we not be left alone?

Rubbish #1 – The Telegraph

The first thing is something that The Telegraph has come out with, just hours after England were beaten in the Ukraine. ‘Claims’ are that David James still wants away and this sees him wanting ‘a January move from Portsmouth to Tottenham to ensure that he goes into the World Cup finals as England’s No 1 goalkeeper.’

A so-called source close to the player claims: ‘his desire to leave has hardened and that a deal is in the pipeline.’

In another ‘twist’ to this the paper also ‘claims’ that as Spurs are owned money – which I could, and do believe, the owed money part – for Kevin-Prince Boateng, £2m of it, and with Spurs ‘concerned that Portsmouth have spent money hiring Avram Grant as director of football and talked up recruitment in January while their debt remains unpaid’ they can use this to get James in…

What a load of *@%#!

What does it take for the dumbass media to realise that James does not need to leave Pompey to ensure he goes to the world cup with England? If he is good enough, as he clearly is, he will be selected.

If I put it in capital letters to spell it out do you think they media will get it? Nope nor do I but what the hell I will anyway…


Rubbish #2 – The Mail

Whereas The Mail ‘claims’ that we ‘still face the threat of administration, despite the club’s latest takeover – because of £10million of debts to the tax authorities.’

Debts to the taxman, ‘believed’ to have been £2m are actually ‘said’ to be £10m and we are ‘struggling to persuade the authorities to accept staggered payments in a bid to prevent administration and the nine-point penalty from the Premier League.’

Oh, The Mail outdoes itself as they too have a club insider to spill the beans: ‘we need the co-operation of all parties or there is still the danger of administration. The club was on its belly when the takeover happened.

‘The Falcondrone team will not let the club down, but they need to work with people to resolve the outstanding issues.’

We are ‘said’ to ‘have a history of missing tax payments which goes back many years and this probably explains HMRC’s tough stance.’

In all honesty I could somewhat believe us not making payments I must admit, but all in all what can you say to this…

Rubbish #3 – The Mirror

What an absolute beauty from The Mirror, with people so ‘concerned’ over the safety of our returning former manager next weekend ‘former SAS troops’ are being brought in to ‘guard’ Jamie’s Dad…

Oh you better believe it, there is also a source to vouch for this as well: ‘feelings are still running high at Pompey over the way Harry left and took former players with him, so the best option is to go with security and eradicate any chance of Harry being under pressure and intimidation.

‘He’ll be subject to abuse from the stands and we can live with that, even if we are not comfortable with it.

‘But anything other than verbal abuse can`t be tolerated and that`s why the ex-SAS lads are involved.’

As the man himself would say in a certain commercial for a rival paper, what a load of old tosh…


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