Date: 13th July 2007 at 3:08pm
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Svetoslav Todorov has done something that I hoped would not happen – he has taken a parting swipe at the club after leaving for Charlton, but from what he says with every reason to do so on the face of it.

Todorov has said in The News that ‘Pompey’s offer was the same contract as Collins Mbesuma’s’ – and that forced him to leave.

I do not often, in fact rarely use all that is said by individuals or reportedly said by individuals in the media, but as most of it is highly relevant to this article I will use virtually all of what Todorov told The News this time.

He went on to say ‘come on! I have respect for myself.

‘The final reason why I left is there was not a big effort to keep me.

‘I know I gave everything for this club in the time I was there.

‘I helped Portsmouth into the Premiership and I helped keep them there but the club made me a really poor offer.

‘I thought I should have had a deserving contract. I’ve always given 100 per cent and never disappointed.

‘It’s about being valued. The club made no effort in my view.

‘I could have gone away from the club when they were in a hard time but I didn’t move.

‘Is it the right decision to move on now? I don’t know. We’ll see.

‘There are no hard feelings from me, though. I really appreciate all the support I was given.

‘The fans don’t know how much their support means to me’.

I know that I am not alone in saying that I had always hoped that he would stay, but my thinking was he left because he knew he would not play much this season – this may still have been the case, but maybe not entirely from the sounds of it.

We often speak about loyalty – and how this can be lacking nowadays, but this has to work both ways, even with football being more of a business as it is these days.

So if Todorov was indeed only offered a contact that matched that of ‘outcast’ Collins Mbesuma it is disgraceful – unless Mbesuma is 1) highly regarded after all, 2) on an exceptionally good contract or 3) both! – so it is little wonder he left.

I am not only surprised to hear this, but also very sad to hear it too – Pompey have as yet not responded to these claims.