Date: 9th July 2009 at 1:09pm
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‘The Herminator is the left back for Pompey in 2009/10’, not my vote, yours – although these findings from the forum poll to determine who we think should be this left back, for the 11 players we will select, are thoughts that I do just about agree with to be honest…

I love The Herminator, his personality is infectious and he gives everyone a lift, ‘but’ I would still be tempted to bring in someone else ‘but’ other areas would certainly be a priority for me!

  • What the poll asked – 2009/10 Pompey team – left back?

  • How you voted – The Herminator – 8 Votes [50%], New player (do not list names, just vote!) – 5 Votes [31.25%], Nadir Belhadj – 3 Votes [18.75%], Other (from our current squad – if so who?) – 0 Votes [0%]

    This poll was conducted in a thread in the Portsmouth Posts forum – click here.

    So, 4-4-2 is what we are going with and James in goal and The Herminator at left back…

    We now have to continue to fill in the blanks for our 2009/10 Pompey 11 – which we will select from the squad we currently have, well what is left of it!

    Again we will do this in the Portsmouth Posts forum with the latest poll question we want answering, which asks:

    2009/10 Pompey team – right back? – click here to vote.

    Before we move on what are your thoughts on what the last forum poll concluded? You know what to do, thoughts below please guys…


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