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We can now see what I had to say when asked a few questions about Pompey, the season just gone and the one ahead along with the ‘possible’ future ahead.

Vital Pompey has previously brought you the ‘knowing me knowing you series’ – which is still running, so others will be added and if you want to do one just email – and we had the ‘talking Pompey with’ series last summer, this now returns under a new name and some fresh questions as ‘Pompey talk with’.

pompeyrug was asked 6 questions about the 2008/09 season and what the hopes are for the 2009/10 one, and indeed our future.

This is what they said…

  • So, sum up the 2008/09 season in 3 words?
    Unforgivable – in some ways! As I have said before it is forgettable but not forgivable…

  • Suddenly things seem ‘a lot brighter’ for Pompey with Dr SAF taking over – what are your hopes/aspirations under the new ownership? Assuming everything goes through!
    We ‘seem’ to have suddenly gone from not seeing any daylight at the end of every road we turned to, which only seemed to lead to ‘doom and gloom’, to actually having a long term future secured – and potentially a very bright one!

    Slow, steady growth is what I would like.

    Investing heavily in youth development is the way forward but we also need to bring in some extra quality and/or commitment to the 1st team as it is, along with keeping ‘most’ of our players, particularly the better ones, which hopefully we can?

    We say we want to ‘stabilise the current squad’ so lets do that.

    Lets finally get this training ground sorted to bring us in line with other premier league clubs on that score, as ours are currently not even fit for some lower league/non-league clubs – I mean no disrespect with that comments. Also lets get Fratton redeveloped as planned, do that first and then take the rest from there – if we, England, win the world cup bid then we can think about a move to a bigger, but maybe not necessarily better, home.

    Awaken this sleeping giant of ours, but lets do it the right way!

  • Which players – that we could realistically sign – would you like to see arrive this summer?
    The squad as it currently is, minus a few departures for those released that are not good enough/fit to wear the shirt leaves it in midtable shape or thereabouts. Bring through some of the talented youngsters we have and give them a chance as well as the midtable stability is assured!

    If we can bring in maybe a quality player throughout the spine of the side it will help, say a central defender, central midfielder and a forward then I think, again with most retained, we easily have a top 10 squad.

    I am not talking ‘star names’ I am talking ‘work horses’, the ‘grafters’ and types of players that do want to play for the shirt – too many did not do this last season.

    The likes of Matty Taylor, Gary O’Neil, Pedro Mendes and Benjani are what we were crying out for last season – if we had that commitment added to the quality that we still had, and to be fair the quality they have, we would have been top 10. I would not be disappointed to see 3 of those 4 return in all honesty, that said you always worry about tarnishing the past by returning…

  • If you had to select 1 player to ‘sell’ or ‘release’ this summer who would it be and why?
    Several that will be released will be released with my blessing!

    But, and this might come as a surprise to many, but I think I might put Sylvain Distin quite high in this list! I was appalled by his on the field and off the field actions many times last season – he was quick to ‘give it all that’ but was often one of the first to make the balls-ups that he was slating others for. Ok, maybe Tony Adams did not have a clue but players are paid a fortune to do a job and too many were not doing that and he was one that really stood out as not ‘giving a toss’ for me…

  • What are you hoping for from Pompey in the 2009/10 season?
    Consolidation, lets stabilise the squad like we say we want to and add the youth to it and a few players – but I want to see a team of players that do care again that will give everything for the shirt, the club and the fans. Overpaid, underachieving and underperforming mercenaries is not what I want.

    I would take a top 10 finish and hopefully good cup runs – taking all cups seriously! – as a very good season.

    I also hope to see work seriously underway, if not completed with the training ground by the seasons end and also ‘hope’ that we see the first signs of redevelopment of Fratton too…

  • How many Pompey games do you expect to make during that season?
    I managed 31 home, away and abroad last season and with the season ticket renewed again, all being well at least the 19 home games – if we are at home on Boxing Day again I think I would have to miss that, but health permitting will do all the home league games and look to do several away and most, if not all, cup games.

    Thanks to pompeyrug for answering these.



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    14 Replies to “Pompey talk with pompeyrug”

    • for this you are needed, so anyone wishing to share their thoughts with us and answer the questions just email me!

    • “If you had to select 1 player to ‘sell’ or ‘release’ this summer who would it be and why?” – I’m shocked and amazed you picked distin over mullins… oh well, each to there own I guess…

    • Great stuff rug, no doubt I’ll pen some stuff soon. Whatever, last season was a bit of anti-climax but here’s hoping to better things to come.

    • for all of mullins’ faults, and i feel he has plenty as i have made clear, one thing that i do not think i could fault and think i noticed as the time went on i do not think that he stopped trying, he always seemed committed, it is just a shame that his quality sint good enough – commitment does go along way in my book tho, which is more than can be said for distin for large periods of the season, and he knows this as well as i do… he even basically admitted!

    • ok. I kind of understand that rug. However, whilst distin has made it clear that he is commited to “ambition” – that is something we have again, and quite frankly, if we are going to be buying players in, i would rather they joined us becuase they thought they shared our ambition, rather than becuase they wanted to share our money!

    • I agree with Rug completely. When Distin said “I did not come to Pompey to fight for salvation” (his exact words – I was so shocked I will never forget it) I remember thinking, a lot of the reason we are fighting for salvation is cos you have made some real crap mistakes. Don’t know if I would be brave enough to kick him out though. Since TA left he as been quite committed. Makes you sick but what can you do?

    • it is true, that we were there in part due to his mistakes. however, that was only a small part of the picture, and what he said was honest. A lot of our players joined becuase they wanted to play for a club with ambition, and in the UEFA cup. He mooved away from a “bigger” team to avoid a relegation scrap, so to find that big team doing well all of a sudden, and him in a relegation scrap… it isn’t what he signed up for!

    • Excellent Rug – enjoyed reading that. It’s good because it gives a bit of individuality to how a season was to people. Mine will be in your inbox soon I think.

    • I agree with a lot of what u say, however, i dont want to let Distin go without having some cover first. Kaboul was great at RB but not CB.

    • Quite a self interviewing technique there rug and not a lot to disagree with. Not too sure that we should look to bring all the players that have left in recent years though.

    • someone had to get the ball rolling, now it is down to others – i want volunteers, but will hunt people down if need…
      not sure that i actually would want them all back, but you know what i mean, people like them, people with some sort of quality about them but unquestioned desire to give their all and do this all of the time is what i want from those coming in.

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