Date: 12th January 2010 at 10:54pm
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Pompey sneaked through for a home tie with Sunderland with 2 goals in the last seconds. Our equaliser came in the 90th minute of normal time, and the winner came in time added on in extra-time! Beat that Fergie!

Pompey were without Kaboul on the night, an infected toe was cited as why, but his abscence is bound to get the fans worried with Lens apparently sniffing around, James never even made the bench when he was supposed to be fit, Finnan was the other absentee of note.

Let’s get things straight from the off though, first half and Pompey were as bad and disjointed a bunch of players that could possibly be, our passing was schoolboy and commitment lacking, Papa Diop could not pass wind, he was that bad, Brown was misfiring as well although he was to improve later, the only player of any note was Vanden Borre who looked up for it.

Coventry were bossing possesion without threatening Begovic, that is until Leon Best decided to open his top drawer and pull out a goal of real quality, surrounded by Pompey shirts, he managed to first swivel and then belt a beauty past Begovic, it really was a top goal.
You’d expect Pompey to come straight back at Coventry, but it just wasn’t happening, in fact it was Morrison who nearly scored again, this time he volleyed first time a long punt from Westwood that must have travelled 60 yards, Begovic gathered though.
As the half-time whistle went, Coleman must have felt quite smug.

Second half and Pompey raised their game a little, we were still way off the pace though, it took an injury to Boateng to up Pompey’s ante, on came the much maligned Utaka, and to be fair he was lively from the off.
Smith almost squirted Pompey back in it, but his slightlty mishit cross from the left was turned over by Westwood.
Basinas came on with 77 minutes passed, my mate texted me to say his first 3 passes found a Pompey shirt, MOM in his book!
Pompey were pressing hard now, Coventry were pinned back and clinging on, Utaka netted but was deemed offside and Coventry looked to have held out, but one last heave and Wright inexplicably buried a lovely header past Westwood with no Pompey player near him, and we had extra-time.

Coventry lost Best almost as soon as the extra period started and with it their target man, Basinas was showing how to pass a ball now, he may be a peripharal figure, but quality remains.
Piquionne nodded home off the post but was ruled offside for the umpteenth time and Utaka and Webber both failed to get decent shots away when well placed.
With 6 minutes of extra-time left, Basinas played in Utaka over the top, his touch was good, but he decided to round Westwood rather than dink him and both the ‘keeper and Wright got back to block, Pompey’s big chance seemed to have gone.
120 minutes had passed and it was just up to the ref to blow for penalties, Pompey had a last ditch corner and Coventry commited suicide once more, Mokoena arrived and headed home completely unmarked to put Pompey through, in a 2 hour game we were awful for over an hour, for the last 3/4’s we took over and that was enough.


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  • Well after listening to that on Quay tonight I feel like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards….exhausted!!!!

  • Friends. you shouldn’t degrade this important win. Coventry is not a bad side and many top premiership teams could go home after this game. in the last month pompey shows much of a character, closing the gap in the table as winning this cup game. if only the situation will be stable, the current material of players and the qualified manager you got, may save the day, until will come an investor who we’ll be able to have a stable cash flow – and then with those players, with 2-3 more new ones and with a manager that took chelsea to it one and only champ final, pompey might be a top notch team. you just need some cash – if someone here can suggest 10-20 millions, it’ll be enough – and he will get a free pompey t-shirt as a reward.

  • Gotta say that Diop makes Mokoena look like bloody Pele.How people can rate him is beyond me.Truly awful and falls over if someone breathes on him.
    Saying that,agree Paul,shocking in the first 70 mins then picked up and went at them.

  • Mokoena, Mokoena, Mokoena is good enough for me. The song not my personal opinion. Having cursed him all match it was inevitable that he would be the ‘hero’ of the night. We were so rubbish though, weren’t we? Bring back Paul Hart’s football.

  • I dont know about 10-20 million alonrose but the tooth fairy visited my youngest daughter last night so I can chip in with 2 quid.
    Oh and if pompey tear up Diops contract then I will donate 100 quid to help the heroes

  • Unlucky Coventry, the reports are saying! look at the stats, they tell a different storrie. sorry ‘story’.

  • i’m doing my snow dance to give belhadj, yebda and kanu chance to get home. We dont want to play the brum, if we can help it, in the form theyre in. I’d be spraying cold water all round the grounds perimeter! This was the comical article on the Pompey OS if you haven’t seen it:

    Calling all Pompey fans ? we need your help to clear Fratton Park of snow and ice to give us the best chance of staging Saturday?s Premier League game against Birmingham City.

    As a one-club city, the Blues have always been at the heart of the local community and we would love to see that spirit in evidence with as many people as possible lending a hand.

    Those adults wishing to join in should meet in the main Fratton Park car park on Wednesday morning at 8.30am.

    Bring a shovel/spade and even a broom and wheelbarrow if you have them. Walkways, stairs and the pitch edge all need clearing.

    Everyone who turns up to help out will be given two free tickets for the Birmingham game as thanks.

    The thoroughfares around Fratton Park are also covered in snow and ice and we are liaising with Portsmouth City Council in the hope that they will put resources towards that effort.

  • and if i loan them a wheelbarrow will i get back or will they sell it on for a large profit and lose the money to some unscrupulous loan shark

  • hell i’d want a ticket before i started working, i wouldn’t trust em to come up with the goods ;D. but in all seriousness its a good scheme and the club loose nothing by it, they fill otherwise empty seats and get the pitch cleared for free. as for the match truely aweful if we play like that against brum we’re screwed… unfortunatly

  • That was absolute daylight robbery but we’ve lost after playing 100x better than that so I spose it all evens out in the end. And if there is still anyone out there with money to invest, losing would not have helped our case. Thank the lord there weren’t penalties though…imagine the shame!

  • I was looking forward to some football at last – OH DEAR what a disappointment !!!! Shocking, Scary – and oh so many more deflated words of woe !!! PUP…..pup……z z z Z Z

  • it was bloody cold, and on the whole pretty god damn awful but the main thing is we won and some showed some real class ? maybe not a lot, but some.
    totally agree with others that basinas looked a different class – looked so cultured on the ball looked like he could do something all the time. some of his passes were fantastic. my concern is that he will not have as much time on the ball in the premier league, altho based on that showing offers the midfield more than hugesie, mokoena, diop and mullin – maybe put together?

    i met up with an old friend of mine who lives in coventry – not seen him for at least 5-years i reckon – who came to the game with us and he said we would equalise with an own goal and mokoena would score the winning goal, as he did, altho he said that would be in the penalty shootout…
    this was a hard fought win, but a win nevertheless and ANY win is a win.

  • Paul good report. We were dire, Diop I cannot find words to describe,has he ever kicked a ball in the intended direction. Van de Borre, moved forward well and defended better than expected. Basinas is a different class, suddenly we had a player who could not only pass, but did so running forward. Sorry but after that showing my future hopes have wained.

  • first full game I’ve managed to catch all season… wathcing MOTD where i can take it.

    Agree broadly with the article. By the end of the 2nd half and for all 30 mins of ET we were utterly dominant – BIGGEST problem – after a few slick moves towards the end there was just no option in the box, no movement.

    Strikers were simply sitting on the last man waiting for a cross (which were poorly delivered all night) and when we were breaking there seemed a real fear, hesitation and then over/ under hit balls or strikers off side… it felt really out of kilter…

    Honestly – UTAKA came on a played MOTM for me… why – because unlike Piquionne he held the ball up/ got on it… when the ball was pumped up he turned his back to goal, fought for and I would say won about 80% of the ball played up around him… Piquionne seemed to run towards the goal and be easily nudged off the ball.

    Utaka had the pace over the defenders (yes fresh legs but we know his pace would have done em anyway).

    MAJOR criticism – this guy cant hit a barn door. Great touch to be played through but had three opportunities to bury it and he chose the third and hardest – took a handball to save it but probably wasn’t going to make it anyway.

    LOVED BASINAS – WHY? – because he sat in front of the back four and was the **** ONLY – and I mean ONLY pompey player (with the exception of Boatend before he went off) that controlled and passed the ball like he had time. With the exception of that fluffed shot (and my it was a shocker) he played neat dinks all over the park… and ultimately it was BASINAS’ cross to piquionne that set up the own goal that brought us back into the game.

    Personally I would love to see him in front of the back four – so he’s not a big tackler – but to me he didn’t seem off the pace of the game, he was the only secure “out-ball” for the back four and his passing was immaculate. Calm and secure is what we need.

    Play him more often.

    Wilson was strong but hit and miss – crossing was abissmal, took the ball out of defence well a few times, big lad but found out of position and Best had the pace on him a couple of times.

    Van Boring – okay, tried to get forward and provide options but to be quite honest his passing, decision making and crossing all lacked quality last night… the positions he gets in and effort he puts in means if his confidence improves so will he more than likely.

    Papa – was strong as was Brown – both without being impressive – I expected these two to boss the midfield whereas it was Cov’s lack of quality that meant we weren’t troubled too often. Lost too many second balls for my liking. Brown got under the skin of the obviously less experienced Gunnarson who could had found himself off…

    Mokoena – looked dodgy under the high ball – but neat finish and ran for the cause all night – nice guy – good interview at the end – worth his place as “club” captain.

    Boateng actually was having a good game but not the game pompey needed – he was assured in possession – rarely lost it – passed well and seemed to have time – but Utaka’s arrival overshadowed him – but to be honest Utaka was providing what Piquionne should have been.

    Herman – very solid game throughout – improved as the game opened up and he got forward – not up to his usual quality though in delivering final product… solid and love him in the side.

    Tommy Smith – some neat stuff – ran his heart out but all too often didn’t make the right run or provide the right option… better than piquionne to be honest who I thought was lucky to stay on… (not that he stayed “on” much anyway with what… 5 offsides)

    Basically I was depressed (crap 1 st half) – then frustrated (quality came into the game up to the final ball or finish) then relieved (no not the half time break) – then elated.

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