Date: 14th May 2008 at 5:20pm
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Many people have voiced concerns about the direction the club is taking – not the moves forward, how can you question that, you would be one ungrateful swine if you were! – and maybe the gap between fans and the club itself is growing larger all the time and we are merely ‘numbers’ these days…

However any lingering doubts – and I too must admit that I have had a few doubts over the past few years that we were maybe not as important as we once were – were put to bed on Tuesday when not one, but two club officials took time from their schedules, and trust me guys these are busy men, particularly with the cup final coming up not to mention season tickets to be sorted and so on and so on, to meet with me.

The meeting was regarding building up stronger ties with Vital Pompey and Portsmouth Football Club, with the meeting proving very fruitful, and it will be beneficial believe me – and I would like to think for both parties, as this site is becoming huge guys!

What made this meeting all the more fantastic for me was the fact that they both came to me, they said they would meet me at a designated place in Cosham – where I am actually staying this week – and they spent 30-45 minutes with me discussing this and that. One had to leave as he was called back into a meeting but the other stayed for a while after.

From my point of view, I must confess that I was very nervous at first and maybe did not get everything across that I might have wanted to but they were very approachable and have told me that I can approach them anytime and there are a few possible ideas that could be put into practice down the line, in the not to distant future – in the meantime though a link-up seems as though it is going to be put in place and an official affiliation between Vital Pompey and Portsmouth Football Club should be happening.

I would like to say thanks again to the guys that met me – out of courtesy to them I will not mention names – I must admit that I cannot believe that they did and I never thought I would see the day when officials from Pompey would arrange a meeting with me, but I was delighted that they did and I must also admit immensely proud as it is another indication of how far this site has come, and without blowing my own trumpet, how the amount of hard work and effort I have put in since becoming ‘the landlord’ has been worth it…

How many other senior members of their staff at other premier league clubs would meet up with a fan, at their designated meeting place these days? To say ‘not many at all’ would not be an unjust assessment. Hopefully with these contacts in place we can all start to gain a greater understanding of what happens at the club, on and off the field and just how much is being done to make us into a truly professionally run club capable of competing with the very best on and off the pitch.

One regret I have though… I foolishly turned down a pint, why did I turn down a pint, muppet!


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