Date: 8th October 2013 at 1:07pm
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A forum post from Pompeytim ahead of the weekend is worthy of a front page post methinks, so here it is.

So, my 5,000th post.

Amazing how much drivel one can write when one puts their mind to it. Scary really.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that despite how it may seem with me giving Guy endless abuse, I’m delighted with how things are at Pompey right now.

This is primarily because we are able to talk football ALL the time, and not about shady boardroom dealings, administrators or financial matters.

Instead of debating compromise agreements we debate why Whittenum has left out Wallace. Who is the best out of Barcham & Holmes? Will East make it? Why is Butler not playing?

And sure, we get animated about these things, but that’s because we all care & we love our footie & our Pompey.

The football is crap, but the lads are generally trying pretty hard, and seem to give a toss. It has been a few years since I really believed that to be the case.

I like Whittenum. He’s a nice guy. A good Pompey servant. Maybe I don’t think he’s the best thing ever & I would prefer someone else to be honest, but if he stays, it’ll give me something to debate with you all!! That’s great.

Going to football is back to how it was. Purely wondering how Pompey would get on that week & being genuinely excited about a game in the week building up to it. Even if it is ONLY Rochdale. This is why I went to football in the first place, and it is how it should always be.

So with my 5,000th post, I declare that life as a Pompey fan is good. It isn’t perfect, but Pompey isn’t perfect & I don’t think it’d be quite right if it ever were to be.

Let’s hope my next 5,000 pointless posts on Vital are about football-related matters, and dare I say, about us climbing back up the Football League pyramid.


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5 Replies to “Pompey life is good”

  • I said this in the forum thread…
    Good way to celebrate 5000 posts Tim, nicely written and in a positive way but without being positive for the sake of being positive, which doesnt help anyone does it!
    You say it as you see it Tim, and you have as much right as anyone on here to do that – to be fair you always offer up a reason behind your thinking so its not just said without backing, even if its just backing as to how YOU see it.
    Pompey life is good on the whole isnt it, plenty of talk about FOOTBALLING MATTERS too, which is how is should be!

  • Pompey Life is good. Especially after a 3-0 win. But you’re right that it is good to be talking about football. The football in div 2 might not be the best, but I am enjoying the grounds and a generally more honest feel to the game at this level.

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