Date: 21st September 2009 at 1:19pm
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How ‘accurate’ the ‘reports’ in The Mail today are is anybodies guess, as these – not just in The Mail to be fair – are usually pretty wide of the mark, and most often rehashed and reused thoughts, but today it is ‘claimed’ that Pompey are closing in on Michael Ball?

Ball is a name that I mentioned back along as a ‘possible’ that we could save from the football scrap heap, my main concerns were his ability to stay injury fit as he is recovering from a long-term injury problem, and injuries have been a problem for him over the years – although to be fair prior to this setback and the arrival of Wayne ‘the scummer’ Bridge he was pretty settled as Citeh’s number one left back…

Other concerns I have are his ‘potential mercenary-ness’… Could he be another of football’s mercenary figures, wanting too much for too little, although I guess if we are chasing him if he asks too much you just say on your bike – a lot depends on how much money means to him and how much playing top-flight football does, as it is also ‘said’ that Notts County are also keen.

Again, quite how much of this is rehashed and reused I do not know, but what I do know is we clearly need a ‘proper’ left back in the side, so if he can do the job and the price is right, needs must…

Speaking of ‘proper left backs’ how much do we need The Herminator back! To be fair to Paul Hart here, as he is being heavily criticised for continuing to play Nadir Belhadj at left back, but you have to say who else could do this?

There is quite literally no one else that could! Well, not with experience.

So the arrival of Ball or the return to fitness of The Herminator, or both, is vital – although I must admit with The Herminator knocking on my main fears are his ability to recover from injuries now, as he seems to be struggling to do this at the moment…

Another area we desperately need to get sorted out is the right back area!

I am sorry but Anthony Vanden Borre looks a terrible, terrible footballer – one that I cannot quite understand how he has played something like 20 times for Belgium, it makes me think they must be ‘pretty poor!’ We also badly need Steve Finnan back, and also need him to stay fit – again, something that is the main problem and cause for concern…

Vanden Borre cannot defend not can he really attack, his first touch is poor, he looks totally out of shape and just appears lost – it is frightening to watch him, and when you do from the stands and see the full picture it is horrifying, his awareness of what is going on around him is nonexistent, the amount of times he was caught ball watching was frightening against Villa, as it has been in other games.

‘If’ we can get The Herminator and Finnan fit, and can keep them fit our defence is going to have a much stronger look to it and will fill me with much more confidence in this we just need to hope that Tal Ben-Haim then switches on and starts focusing as his lapse on Saturday for the 2nd goal was unforgivable.

I know it is a risk, but it is one worth taking if needs be – lets start thinking about bringing young James Hurst into the squad, he can play at left back or right back and for me looks to be a top talent.

What they hell, whilst I am dissecting the team I think another guy that needs to take a long hard look at himself is Aaron Mokoena. To be fair I thought he started off ok but his last couple of games have been poor, his saving grace is the fact that he carries the captains armband – again something I was pretty happy for, but seen as this responsibility means you play week-in-week-out, having seen his recent form I wish we had given it to Younes Kaboul

We are missing Papa Bouba Diop, if he can be at his most influential, and again stay fit, he has to be in the team but I would also keep Michael Brown in so we now just have to see if Hart is brave enough to make that captaincy call, as by keeping this with Mokoena he cannot take him out the side!

I would hope Hart is ruthless enough, but I would put my money on him not doing this!

So guys, plenty to ponder here – what are your thoughts on the above? As always leave these comments below…


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