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The story continues.

Having arrived back from my travels up north last week, I have developed my understanding of why players seems so willing to join clubs like Portsmouth over others (with heritage and prestige) like Newcastle.

My trip up north included passing through Newcastle, Birmingham, and Manchester – well, more past Manchester – and my immediate reaction was that, were I a footballer, they probably would not be where I wanted to play. Ok, that’s not quite true, my first reaction was “its cold” then “what lovely plumes of smoke coming out of those towers” then “its grey” – but they are all somewhat on the same lines.

Going north up the A1 to Newcastle just isn’t the same as going south down the A3 to Portsmouth. There’s just some difference between going past massive industrial areas, and going past the devils punch bowl. Obviously, some people might like watching billowing clouds of smoke forming different shapes as it streams out of huge towers, but personally, I thought that even the “angel of the north” just looked like a rusty piece of scrap. Of course, as will have to keep saying, everyone is entitled to there own opinions – but as I have also previously said, it’s not where I would choose to live.

Which brings me on to why Pompey makes such a good retirement village for clubs like Arsenal? See part one by clicking here.

It’s not a status I would particularly complain about, as I will never complain about seeing the likes of sol Campbell playing for Pompey, or for that matter, Lauren, Kanu, and maybe in the future Henry (I can wish). The rolling hills of the South downs (soon to be) national park, the beautiful “sandbanks” are where Harry Redknapp and Sulley muntari live, and the open countryside – which so few people outside of Southern Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex – appreciate. Looking at these things, it is no wonder Sylvain Distin chose to further his career down on the South Coast rather than up in Newcastle, Andy Cole presumably hoped to end his career (before the epic failure) and David James seems so comfortable.

The landscape that we have around Portsmouth is something, which many of us don’t appreciate – myself included – until we get the opportunity to visit the slightly more industrialised cities of Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle. But more importantly, as Pompey becomes a thriving force in the premiership, it should be something we can build on, and exploit.

Everyone talks about the draw of having Harry Redknapp as a manager – well what about the draw of living in one of the most beautiful areas of England? Surely in the near future, we can hope for some great players to want to join Pompey, even if it is just to se out the end of there careers – but if we can take full advantage, we can bring in some top quality young players, as it is not just the old and experienced that can appreciate what a great area of England the south is. Not least because its not so ****** cold!

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10 Replies to “Pompey: Arsenal’s retirement village Part II”

  • I agree mate completely. I went to UNI in the Midlands and the whole place was so much bleaker. The south is just so much nicer and a happier place to live and the food in not ?enter random food? gravy and curry sauce. I would never want to live any further north than London again so god help me I will have to rent for the rest of my life as land is more expensive but I don?t care! PUP

  • Carpet – are you after a job with the Southern Tourist Board? Certainly sounds like it. Good stuff though; I remember my first trip to places like Bolton and Blackburn in the 60s and 70s, it was eyeopening. They are not the sort of place you would go except for football and I soon found out why.

  • The lovely south coast, the sea, close to London & still able to pay a decent wage. Anyone spending anytime up North willl see it’s not great unless you are from there & know no difference. Not too many London based players go past the midlands unless the mancs or scouse teams come calling.

  • writing this was very awquard, as there AREice places up north (albeit cold places) – the lake district and peak district are two of the nicest national parks in the country – and i also know people that think living up north is great…having said that, i really cant see myself mooving anywhere north of watford – its to cold, and to grey!

  • Aussie posters unite. Nothing against Portsmouth and Southsea. I grew up there (well maybe some will see that as against the place) but there are many places in Australia that make the south of England look like Dartmoor in comparison. There are no good football teams here granted but the weather, beaches and cricket team make up for it. The sharks tend to put me off going in the water but then again you have the oil and other things floating in your water.

  • true fratton aussie, BUT, if we want to o swimming, we invented these cunning things called swimming pools…and if we want to go somewhere hot, we invented this cunning thing called “the south of france” – oh, and where exactly in aussie land makes the south downs look like dartmoor?

  • Nothing wrong with being Arsenal’s Retirement Village. Just hope Van Persie, Adebayor et al get the urge to retire real soon. TracyC: your mentioning “the Devil’s Punch Bowl “brought back some great memories. Thank you sir !

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