Date: 1st August 2008 at 10:09am
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Pompey have announced a new ticketing scheme for the coming season. Hold onto you hats as I am not sure you are going to like it – I do not to be honest…

If you want a ticket to watch the more ‘high profile’ desirable games at Fratton this season, which are classed as ‘platinum matches’ and include the likes of Arsenal, Chelski, Manyoo, Liverpool and 3 others you must buy tickets for the 7 corresponding games, the ones viewed as less desirable, these are ‘silver matches’ and they include Bolton, West Brom, Hull and Blackburn plus again 3 others.

Good news though – element of sarcasm here in case you did not get it! ‘Gold matches’ can be purchased independently, as can the ‘silver matches’…

I am not an advocate of this idea at all, because the way I view it in essence you are being ‘forced’ to buy tickets for a game that you might not have wanted to go to to be able to go to one that you do – to be honest I think it’s a disgrace!

I do find it frustrating that some fans decide to come along only when ‘the big boys’ come to town, but when others – their smaller brothers! – do they do not want to know but that is a personal choice, and each to there own I guess.

It makes no odds to me who we play as I will be there being a season ticket holder. In the past I would go regardless – if I could afford it and if I could get to the game, which living in Devon and having no transportation of my own could be difficult, but I will battle on with the trains this season.

At the end of the day my thinking is you go to games that you want to – assuming you can get a ticket.

This scheme appears to be taking away your right to pick and choose your own games and I cannot see how this ‘benefits’ the fans at all? How can basically ‘forcing’ you to go to one game in order to see another be right? You can argue that being a fan you should want to see Pompey more and more no matter who we play, but it does not work like that in the real word for a multitude of reasons…

Maybe you cannot afford to go to both games?
Maybe you would not be available on the date of the other game?
With kick offs changing all the time maybe this other game would then by unmanageable?
Quite simply, maybe you just do not want to go to the corresponding fixture – as a fan this is your right!

As said, I am a season ticket holder – and as also mentioned travelling will be tough, but I will manage – so this does not effect me really but it could well effect several others, and maybe those that ‘might’ have travelled with me? Who might not be able to now that this idea has been implemented!

Sorry, I do not like this scheme. I am very loyal to Portsmouth Football Club and more often than not back what the club does but I do not like this idea. Like I say it does not impact on me directly but the apparent ‘forcing’ of tickets upon you is something I do not like!

For those of you that might not have seen the idea, this is what the Pompey Site said on the matter…




Pompey supporters buying tickets to the club’s 2008/9 ‘platinum’ home matches must also purchase tickets to the corresponding ‘silver’ fixtures.

For example, if fans want to attend the Manchester United game on Monday, August 25 they must also attend the visit of Hull City on Saturday, November 22.

2008/9 Coupled Fixtures (Platinum match listed first):
Manchester United/Hull City
Tottenham Hotspur/Middlesbrough
Newcastle United/Stoke City
West Ham United/Wigan Athletic
Liverpool/Blackburn Rovers
Chelsea/West Bromwich Albion
Arsenal/Bolton Wanderers

Tickets for the ‘gold’ fixtures against Fulham, Aston Villa, Everton, Manchester City and Sunderland can be bought independently.

Tickets can be bought by calling Ticketmaster on 0844 847 1898 from 10am on the day they go on sale or in person at the club’s ticket office in Rodney Road.

For a list of when tickets go on sale, visit the Tickets – Home Tickets page.

Please Note: Platinum fixtures must be bought with corresponding silver fixture but silver fixture tickets can be bought independently. Refunds cannot be given. Where the platinum match takes place after its corresponding silver match, then the platinum match tickets can, subject to availability, be bought independently once the silver match has been played.

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