Date: 27th January 2009 at 2:17pm
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Reports on Sky Sports News website claims this is true!

We have apparently made an enquiry to Stoke to see if they are willing to sell, with his contract being up in the summer, Stoke wont want to risk losing him for nothing!

With us obviously looking for some reinforcements willing to scrap for survival, is going back to the first year of our Prem campaign really the answer?

Please Adams, don’t do this! Why not bring back Nigel Quashie, and Patrik Berger while you’re at it!!!

Saviola on the other hand is a step in a very promising direction, this however, would just be horrible!

No, No, No!

Written by PompeyFCUK.

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26 Replies to “Pompey after Amdy Faye?!”

  • What Is Tony Adams thinking. Amdy Faye is rubbish, he always was and always will be. I thought he was doing a good job in the market so far but this has changed my opinion. Dont do it Tony. We don’t want him. He doesn’t deserve to wear blue!!!

  • Did you really think Faye was that bad the first time we had him?? I recall he had a lot of praise for his ”get stuck in attitude”?? Agreed we could do considerably better but we’re not attracting the worlds best with our outstanding budget now are we…..

  • maybe he did well for TA on FM lol. would that be another crap decision from tony then? that would make a nice change! Saviola, the 1 good thing TA has done for us!

  • If Faye did come would you still be negative, would you get on his back and possibly boo??? My point here is that there is to much negativity and too many fans still living in the clouds. Yes times are hard and we need to move with them and get behind the club. Newcastle fans come to mind with all this negativity, since when did Pompey fans follow suit????????????

  • This has gone too far we must contact the club on mass this is absolutely nuts,,if TA does but Faye he deserves to go down and get the sack

  • tommo, be fair faye is next to useless, in fact there s not one midfield player at the club that i really rate and TA keeps going on about needing a midfielder and he does this.

  • Tony has just put a bid in for Alexi Smertin, another creative freescoring midfielder, has anyone heard of him!!
    He comes in a deal with Vincent Pericard and Eddie Howe.

  • Above in my first post i agreed that we could do better than Faye but if it happens it happens what can we do about it, instead of being negative i think we should back the club whatever the outcome.

  • MFFP, we’e all mates here but I have to tell you that your FM “jokes” are starting to get right up my nose – change the bleedin’ tune will you?

  • You could do one better Graham – be like the geordies, stand outside fratton park and hold your shoe in the air out of disgust whilst MFFP plays FM behind you LMAO

  • Spurs are after all their ex-players why do we have to follow suit? Pat Neil and Ray Crawford looked very fit when I last saw them.

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